Hey There!

I’m Amy Senior, founder of AdoptionForMyChild.com.

As an adoptive parent and mentor for women confronting unplanned pregnancy, I have experience navigating the unique challenges on each side of the adoption process. Years of extensive research and networking have enabled me to build trusted relationships within the adoption community. Nothing brings me more joy and satisfaction than when one of the adoptive families on our site call to tell me that they’ve been successfully matched. Bringing families together and establishing life-long friendships is what this site is all about!

AdoptionForMyChild.com brings many people from different backgrounds and situation into my life. Some are courageous women, facing unplanned pregnancies, who need help and fear being judged their family and peers. Others are prospective adoptive parents who want to learn more about the adoption process and what types of resources are available for them. Every adoption journey is different!

We have a variety of services and marketing packages available for adoptive families no matter what stage they at in the adoption journey. I encourage you to share your unique story on our site and reach out to me for a personal consultation so I can answer any personal questions you might have about the adoption process. Remember, the first step of building a family through adoption is by putting yourself out there so you can be found.

Baby Blessings! ♥


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