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Adoption Fundraising with Adoption For My Child

Tune in to see our top adoption fundraising ideas and get new resources from Adoption For My Child.

Friday, February 26th 2021 @ 1:00PM EST


Kristy Fontelera
Vice President of Marketing
Kristy Fontelera is a creative professional with a background in corporate and nonprofit social media advertising, content creation and brand strategy. As the VP of marketing at Funds2Orgs, she works with a suite of global fundraising brands as well as manages national social media accounts for clients and entrepreneurs. Kristy enjoys new books, traveling, and picnics with her pup. Most of all, Kristy is a passionate individual that loves nothing more than to help others make an impact.

Amy Senior
As an adoptive parent and former mentor for women confronting unplanned pregnancy, I have experience navigating the unique challenges on each side of the adoption process. Years of extensive research and networking have enabled me to build trusted relationships within the adoption community. Empowering Families and Expectant moms to take control of their adoption journey. Baby blessings! ♥