Smart Adoption Family Profile Design


The most important piece to grow your family through adoption is an ADOPTION PROFILE that is unique to your family!


We have 4 options for you to choose from.


  1. DIY  Pre-recorded training course with workbooks
  2. Live Training w/LIVE Q&A (when offered)
  3. Pre-recorded training course with workbooks to fill out and we create  from the information you provide.
  4. 1:1 Smart Adoption Profile Design created for you from our coach that will include interview questionnaire.  

Product:   DYI -Training with Recordings


A 3-week pre-recorded training and is goingto be specifically about creating youradoption profile.


You will be getting:

Pre-recorded training videos TrainingWorkbooks

Cost:                   $497

Product: Live Training 3 wks w/LIVE Q&A


A 3-week training and is going to be specifically about creating your adoption profile.

You will be getting:

•   4 step-by-step training calls

•   interactive private community

•   support        • extra bonuses

•   live Q&A’s  • coaching

Cost:                   $997


Product:  Premium-PROFILE framework


A 3-week pre-recorded training and is goingto be specifically about creating youradoption profile.

You will receive:

Pre-recorded training videos

Training Workbooks to fill out and return. We will create your Adoption Profile and Video from theinformation you provide.

Cost:                      $1997

Product:  VIP Smart Adoption Profile


Our coach will personally work directly with you going through each step of the AdoptionProfile framework.


You will receive:

A custom created unique adoption profile and video profile that will be created byour coach.

Cost:                   $4997

Adoption For My Child offers different networking opportunities, Adoption Professionals/Adoptive Families/ Expectant Mothers

Adoption For My Child (AFMC) is NOT a law firm, adoption agency, facilitator, or matchmaking site.

AFMC is NOT affiliated with any religious or political institution. AFMC focuses on digital online profiles and service provider referrals. We DO NOT arrange or coordinate adoptions. We DO NOT attempt to influence the outcomes of adoptions or final decisions made between the women and families that connect through our services.

AFMC is uniquely positioned to operate at the highest standards of care, support, and integrity. AFMC Instant Submission – will instantly deliver your profile, video, and or letter to the requesting professional, and expectant mother considering adoption within seconds of your request.