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    Boy, Boy
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    Yes (all)

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    College Degree
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    School Psychologist

Meet Jessica

Written by Tim: Jess embodies so many great qualities that being concise with my answer is difficult. She is loving, committed, loyal, hard-working and many other things. I have never met a person who can genuinely love so much and so many. Her family comes first, but her love extends to her friends, her students, her pets, her plants, and her community. She is always willing to go the extra mile for those she cares about. Jess’ sense of commitment is unmatched. She is a person that dedicates herself to something and works endlessly to make it a reality. I have seen this quality day in and day out in our marriage, at the rural school we work at, and in her parenting to our son. I could not be luckier to call her my partner and am grateful that she came into my life.

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