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Nick & Christina

- Missouri -


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our family located in Missouri! We are very grateful for your strength, courage and love that you have for your child. As you consider adoption, we want you to know that we honor you and your wishes no matter what choice you end up making. If you have any questions after reading through our profile, we would be happy to share more and look forward to getting to know you as well.

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    1 Girl

About Nick

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    College Degree
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My parents lived in the same house from the time I was born until well after graduating from college. I made very good friends in the area, who I was able to truly “grow up” with. Two of them are my best friends to this day. I want to do all I can to provide that same opportunity to my children. My parents also emphasized the importance of education and provided me and my sister with great opportunities. I plan to provide the same with my children. After graduating high school, I moved to Fort Collins, Colorado to attend college at Colorado State University. This allowed me to expand my view of the world and really helped bring about positive changes in my life. Before college I was overweight, but while attending school I found a strong interest in mountain biking. This not only allowed me to become healthier, but is now my favorite hobby and keeps me active and fit to this day. My daughter, Sydney, and I bike to parks and the grocery store weekly during the warm weather season. Now that she is bigger, rather than having her ride in the trailer with the groceries, we make a bike train with my bike, her tagalong and the trailer. My other great passion is in automobiles. I love to attend any type of car-related event, especially with my dad. One thing I like about being a dad is being able to fix things for Sydney and in her eyes, be a hero.

About Christina

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    College Degree
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    Work from Home Engineer

As a child I always knew I wanted to be a mom of multiple children and that I wanted to work with airplanes, or be the first person on Mars. Now as an adult, I am a mom that loves dance parties in the living room and family game nights. I’m proud of every achievement, turn spelling lists into games to make studying fun and will do anything to help right a wrong or make an owie go away. I am a wife that loves to binge watch Survivor, cook together and attempt to win at laser tag. I am an engineer that worked my way through college and never gave up on my dream to work with airplanes. I am an artist that loves charcoal drawings and playing the piano. I am a crafter that could stay up all night working on a scrapbook. I get excited when a hummingbird flies by for a visit and try to enjoy the small pleasures in life just as much as the big ones. Family is the most important thing to me and I have so much love and care to give. My dream of being a mom to multiple children is still very real, and I sincerely hope and pray that we are blessed with the gift of another child through adoption.

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