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Randy & Isabelle

- Florida -


Hello Potential Friend! We're Randy & Isabelle. We're excited to be part of this journey you're on even if our contribution is just showing you our profile. We're an easy going couple who don't have nine to five jobs, which means we would both be stay at home parents. We both are from large interracial families with many cultural differences we love learning about. The thing that unites us all strongly is love. Lastly, we love to travel, so a child with us would see the world!

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About Randy

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  • Education:
    Some College
  • Occupation:
    Business Owner

Hello, nice to meet you! It's weird meeting someone in a letter and not really knowing who you are on the other side, but I'll do my best at introducing myself. I'm the third child in a family of four. I had, what I consider, a fairly typical childhood. I grew up in the country and worked on farms milking cows and bailing hay. I think this gave me a good work ethic and I consider myself a hard worker to this day. I bought my family's small business when I was young and turned it into a facility that employs many people. I worked many hard and long hours bringing the business to a level that provides me the freedom to spend lots of time with my family. I have three adult children from a previous marriage and they are the pride and joy of my life. I made sure to be there for them their entire childhood, whether it be serving on the board at their school, coaching their little leagues, or just being there as a daily support system for them. I'm so excited to have the freedom of not having to juggle work and be 100% dedicated to raising a child with Isabelle.

About Isabelle

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  • Speaks:
    English, Spanish
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  • Education:
    Some College
  • Occupation:
    Business Owner

Hi! I'm an easy-going person who loves exploring new places and ideas. One of my greatest joys is helping others achieve their goals by being a support to them. I work as a consultant helping people do just that, realize their potential. Thankfully, I have the capability of working as much or as little as I prefer, which frees me to dedicating 100% of my time to raising a child with Randy. I grew up in a very large family and have nine siblings. This means lots of Aunts and Uncles to spoil a child as well as an endless supply of cousins to be best friends with. It's so much fun watching my nieces and nephews grow and watching my siblings grow through raising them. Really, I'm a simple person who likes simple things. I don't place a lot of importance on possessions, but rather, I like to focus on the experience of living.I love to focus on the time I spend with others and how I can be of service to them, as well as what they can teach me along the way. This is what I think is most exciting about raising a child, showing them that they matter and can make a difference.

Building Our Family Through Adoption

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    Open to either gender, Open to either gender
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    Newborn - 6 Months
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    Not at this time.

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