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Date Posted: 10/09/2020
Submission Deadline: Ongoing
Open to: All States EXCEPT New York

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  • Adoption Type: Open
  • Location: Texas
  • Gender: Girl
  • Due Date: December 2020
  • Ethnicity:
  • Alcohol/Drug Exposure (if any): Disclosed in situation write up
  • Requested Family Type(s):
    All Family Types
  • Adoption Entity: Disclosed to adoptive family if/when they have been chosen by the expectant parent


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  • AFMC Profile Submission Fee:
    • $25 – Basic Members
    • N/A  – Elite & Ultimate Members (Free submissions)
  • AFMC Networking Fee Due If Chosen:
    • $3,000 – Basic Members
    • N/A  – Elite & Ultimate Members (No networking fees)
  • Fees Paid to Adoption Entity (if applicable): See write up*

*Funds are due within 48 hours of being selected. Under no circumstances should you request to be considered UNLESS you have the funds available RIGHT NOW and/or you have already been PRE-APPROVED for an adoption loan in the stated amount or greater. 

How to be Considered

How to Be Considered For This Situation

  1. Complete your US domestic adoption home study with your selected provider. (Sorry a foster care one won’t work)
  2. Sign up for a membership
  3. Fill out the member questionnaire (link provided after signup)
  4. Upload your letter and PDF profile so it can be reviewed by AFMC
  5. Sign the service agreement 
  6. Wait for the email that says you are now “AFMC certified” which means you are approved to be considered for situations
  7. Find a situation, download the write up and review the details carefully
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and submit the request form.
  9. We’ll automatically send your profile and letter directly to the expectant mother’s inbox and phone so she can review it. (typical review time lasts less than a week)
  10. Once AFMC learns of her decision (typically within a week or less) we’ll reach out to you and let know the result of your decision (regardless if you were chosen or not)

Note: All documents must be formally approved by AFMC before you can request to have your profile sent to and considered by the expectant mother.

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Please Login or sign up for a membership with AFMC to send your profile to the expectant mother.
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