I can’t say enough wonderful things about these amazing ladies. We have been working with an agency for close to two years with no matches so I thought it would be helpful to get ourselves out there more with Adoption for my child. Kylie built us a beautiful profile I mean wow! We sent our profile out to quite a few situations with nothing really. 


So we kept praying and praying, and we were actually matched through our agency finally and accepted our situation with them. Within a few days, Amy reached out to tell me we were matched with Adoption for my child. I wish we had found them years ago, within a matter of a few short months they matched us even though we had just matched 3 days prior with our agency. I truly feel these wonderful ladies work from the heart and are working hard to match each and every family they come in contact with. I know that in the future if we are able to adopt again they will be getting our business. Wonderful, amazing, sweet, kind, and loving is what I can say about them.