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Open Adoption Can Look Different In Every Situation.

It is important for expectant mothers to know your family’s willingness to adjust as time goes on if needed. If you are choosing an open adoption, it is important to respect and fulfill the request of the expectant mothers. There are many ways to honor the requests of birth mothers. Establishing various ways to communicate […]

Open – Semi-Open – Closed

OPEN ADOPTION: Open adoption refers to the level of open communication between the hopeful adoptive parents and the expectant mother. The level of openness varies by situation and the parties’ level of comfort with each other. Contact may be direct or indirect, frequent or limited. SEMI-OPEN ADOPTION: Semi-open is when the expectant mother choses the hopeful adoptive […]

Typical Birth Mom Expenses

Typical Expenses for Potential Birth Mothers: Medical care, hospital cost, and maternity related services Living expenses (basic housing, electricity, transportation to and from appointments, healthy food, prenatal vitamins, maternity clothing, feminine hygiene products) Counseling fees (for both pre-adoption and post-partum Attorney and legal fees   Medical care, hospital cost, and maternity related services Most Birth […]

We’ve Been Matched, But Now What?”

Bringing home baby is one of the biggest, most exciting days in a parent’s life. Most people are nervous and might experience the jitters with the anticipation of the upcoming unknown. Parents have questions. “Now that we’ve matched, what do we do? What should we say to the potential birth mother? What things should we […]

Safe Houses for Expectant Mothers

The number of people who become pregnant unplanned is staggering, and shows the need for maternity homes and programs who focus on keeping a mother and her baby together while enabling her to learn the necessary parenting skills in order to raise her child by herself. Although adoption is not the goal of all these […]

Do birth fathers have rights?

Yes, the birth father’s rights in adoption are the same as the mother’s unless determined otherwise by court. If the birth father agrees with the adoption plan, he has a right to participate in the adoption planning to the degree that he desires. Each state has varying rules concerning birth father rights. Be sure to […]

Tips for navigating transracial adoption!

When people become parents through interracial adoption, they become aware of the needs of their child to incorporate heritage into their everyday lives. While interracial adoption brings its own positive aspects and source of joy, various difficulties arise when there are multiple cultures to blend. It is important that children have access to people in […]

I’m already working with another adoption professional. Can I still use Adoption For My Child to find adoption situations? What happens if I match?

The answer is….It depends on the specific situation and whether the adoption professional you are working with made you sign any exclusivity agreements when you signed up to use their services.   Here are some scenarios you might encounter:  You match with a private/independent situation listed with Adoption For My Child. Because the expectant mother is unrepresented, […]