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How do I sign up?

To sign up for our membership, simply click on the “Become a Client” button on the website. You will then be guided through the process of completing an application and setting up payment for the monthly fee. Please note clients are not required to sign a contract for any certain length of time.

New York Families

To work with Adoption For My Child you will need to become an Ultimate Members prior to a situation being posted. Ultimate Members DO NOT pay a networking/marketing fee if or when they connect with one of our available situations. Basic Members, however, must pay a $3,000 networking fee which is not allowed for New […]

Who Determines The Fees?

Fees are determined by and due to the professionals the expectant mother has chosen only after a connection has been made with a family. Fees are paid directly to the professional and then disbursed accordingly. A breakdown of the fees are provided in the situation write up to members and basic membership is free. Each […]

Ensuring the Safety of Your Child’s Daycare

As parents, reading stories of daycare centers that have lost children, tied the legs of babies or given the wrong formula to an infant with severe allergies, sends shivers up our spine. We become frightened for our own children’s safety and begin wonder if there is anything we can do to protect them. The good […]