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Can I receive financial assistance?

Yes! You may receive financial support. In most states the adoptive family you select can pay for your pregnancy related living expenses. This includes rent, healthy foods, utilities, transportation, maternity clothes, counseling, and medical bills. We will also connect you with needed resources in your area.

Can I get money, or paid for putting my baby up for adoption?

As a woman considering adoption for your child, you don’t necessarily get paid for pursuing an adoption plan.  However, you may be entitled to receive reasonable money to cover your pregnancy-related and living expenses during and a few weeks after your pregnancy.  In most states, adoptive parents can pay a birth family’s reasonable living, medical, […]

Can I place my baby up for adoption if I use opioids?

Yes, prenatal drug exposed babies can be placed up for adoption. Alternative drugs/medications can be prescribed to help expectant moms that are dealing with addiction as withdrawal can be harmful to your baby. If you are struggling with addiction of any kind, do not hesitate to contact us, judgment free. We have resources available to […]

What if I regret my decision?

Our dedicated professionals work with you both before and after the adoption to ensure you are making the best decision for both you and your child. Additionally, you’re eligible for free counseling services for any issues, including working through your doubt. We strive to help you every way we can during this period of your […]

Is choosing adoption giving up?

No, placing for adoption is one of the bravest things a mother will ever do. Sometimes the best decision a mother can make for her child is to choose a family to provide for her baby in a way that she is not able. She temporarily sets aside her needs for what she believes is […]