What Does Adoption For My Child Do Exactly?

  We provide a safe space (via our website) for expectant mothers to confidentially explore adoption without pressure or judgement, receive non-bias advice about the process of adoption, locate helpful resources, and independently review profiles of families who want to adopt a child. Adoption entities provide details of what an expectant mother is looking for in a family and we present this information to qualified families that are interested in being presented.  We provide the profiles to the expectant mother, or adoption entity requesting profiles to review without pressure or judgement. This make sure that she has the opportunity to choose from a list of qualified families that match her specific request. After she chooses a family, we hand the process over to the family, expectant mother, and the adoption professionals representing them. 

  Our services provide ways for expectant mothers and qualified families to meet in ways that were not possible years ago. We’re putting the control of the adoption back in the hands of the individual families and women considering adoption. 

  It’s also worth stating that we NEVER withhold presenting a profile of a family birth mom. We do not decide who is worthy of child. Every family who has love in their heart for a child and is legally home study approved deserves an opportunity to share their story with an expectant/birth mother. We do not influence her decision process and we want each party on each side to feel 100% confident that they made the right decision without pressure or influence. 

  We want everyone to know that we are working hard to change the way the industry works because we truly believe in our cause. 

Why Choose AFMC?

  In the traditional domestic adoption process the families sign up with a local agency/adoption attorney where they are required to pay high up-front costs and will remain waiting to be matched with an expectant mother working directly with that agency/attorney, which could take years.

  AFMC domestic adoptions are different in that we provide clients 5 different ways to connect with an expectant mother. Expectant Mothers considering adoption are looking for a family that they can connect with and visualize how their baby would grow up in.  


  1. Expectant Moms come directly to AFMC seeking the family they can connect with and love. Some EM are referred to us, as we have become a referral site to help EM connect and find the perfect family without pressure from others.  IF EM don’t find the family that they need or can connect with, we have an option for EM to request very specifically criteria that is important to them. We are able to utilize our network and marketing skills to locate the family that they can connect with and love.  


  1. Agencies that work with Expectant Mothers, send profile request for adoptive families that would be interested in an adoption opportunity.


  1. Adoption Attorney will request profiles for an EM to review they are working with in hopes of finding the right family to raise their baby.


  1. Other adoption entities will also send a brief description of the EM and the request profiles to be reviewed by the expectant mother.   


  1. Dedicated Marketing Plan – Request a dedicated marketing plan and market your profile on multiple platforms.


  We market and provide connections for families.  Regardless of the number of clients, or Expectant Mothers that come to our site.  An Expectant Mother needs to connect with your family, if you haven’t been chosen, it may only be because the families Expectant Mothers connected with another family.  You don’t want to just match and hope everything works out.  A connection and a foundation built with an Expectant Mother will make the world of difference when it comes to a trusting relationship and the love she has not only for her baby, but for the family she has chosen.  As she places the most amazing gift in the arms of a family she has chosen and developed a trusting relationship with, is what makes all the things you have experienced along your adoption journey worth going through.  Clients have a greater opportunity to view information from a variety of agencies and attorneys without paying high marketing or other up-front fees to those adoption professionals. This model typically results in quicker and more economical adoptions. 

How Are Adoption For My Child’s Services Different From Other Adoption Profile Sites?

   We at AFMC come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences as employees and we understand on a deep personal level how adoption can be both an extremely rewarding yet incredibly challenging experience. We strive to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. AFMC networks with numerous adoption entities (attorneys, agencies and other professionals) throughout the United States. Adoption entities will send out an expectant mothers’ profile and instructions for AFMC to present to our clients.  We send the information to our clients and list the information on our available situations page.  If any clients want to present their family profiles to be considered they could send their request through the request form on the available situations page. This allows the adoption entity or expectant parent(s) to automatically download the profile themselves for review. If our client should be selected by the expectant parent(s) and accept the “match,” then they (client – adoptive family) work directly with that adoption entity to complete the adoption. 

Are You A Licensed Adoption/Placing Agency?

   Adoption For My Child is not a licensed adoption/placing agency. Adoption For My Child is an adoption profile hosting/referral site for expectant/birth mothers to connect with qualified families that meet the criteria they are looking for in a family. Expectant/Birth mothers should have every opportunity to find the right family that they can connect with and develop a relationship. Expectant /Birth mothers should not be limited to settle with a family that they are not sure about. Our clients get access to our network of adoption entities that we have relationships with throughout the United States.  Adoption For My Child is an expectant parent(s) referral site, which allows them to connect directly with adoptive families. Expectant/Birth Mothers are referred to our site through a variety of resources.  Adoption For My Child networks with adoption entities though out the United States.  Instant Profile Delivery system allows adoptive families to submit their profile to adoption professionals and expectant or birth mother instantly to view for consideration.  Adoption agencies, attorneys and other adoption entities will request profiles from our network for an expectant mother to review.    

Facilitators Are Illegal In My State, Are You A Facilitator?

  No, we are an adoption profile marketing/network site.  We DO NOT have direct contact with expectant parent(s) considering adoption.  Expectant parent(s) can contact families though marketing on our site, but matching will need to be done through the professional services they agree upon.  Adoption entities request family profiles and the requesting entity will work with expectant parent(s) will provide professional matching of a family.

General Criteria for Assessing Private Service Providers

These are some of the important questions to discuss when choosing private adoption entities.

  • Does the agency have a full (not merely provisional) license in good standing?
  • Is the agency accredited by an appropriate accrediting body such as the Council on Accreditation for Child and Family Services (https://coanet.org/accreditation-search/)?
  • Is the agency able to provide the needed service to the client(s) in a timely way?
  • Does the agency have experience in providing the needed service(s)?
  • What is known about the quality of services that the agency provides?
  • Does the agency provide services that are responsive to the needs of diverse cultures and communities?
  • How do agencies that have worked with the provider rate the services that it provides?
  • Does the agency understand the requirements of the ICPC? Is it able to work effectively with the State’s ICPC office?

Please remember it is NOT REQUIRED to work with an agency and choosing to explore all available options could save you tens of thousands of dollars. Contact us today for more information. [email protected]


Which of my clients can showcase their profile on Adoption For My Child?

  To showcase your profile, families will need to have a completed home study and verification from an adoption agency, attorney, or other adoption professional. When one of your clients contacts us about creating a listing on our site, we will send you an email requesting verification that they are approved to adopt. You will able to complete this verification via email. Adoption For My Child works with clients from various backgrounds, lifestyles, ethnicities, cultures, faiths and identities. 

Profile and Video Services

Quality profiles that stand out amongst hundreds of other faces will have three things in common: sentimental candid photographs, clear and direct information based on the things expectant mothers really want to know, and your family’s own unique personality and style. Adoption For My Child now offers PDF profile and Profile Video Services based on feedback we have received from expectant mother’s based on what they are looking for when reviewing submissions. Let us help your family get noticed!

Photographs that are not staged or posed work best. Expectant mothers want to see who your family truly is behind the camera, not just some social media version that she can research for herself. Expectant mothers want to see raw, real and unedited. Mostly though, they want to see empathy, compassion and understanding. Please remember this when adding your letter to the expectant mother. If you would like help on where to begin in creating this letter, please let us know and we would be more than happy to help. Videos work extremely well to bring your family to life and set you apart. Most expectant mothers prefer videos and express feeling like they truly get to know the family more in depth. If you would like to take advantage of our PDF or video profile services, please email [email protected]

Why is Adoption for My Child the most effective way to showcase my desire to adopt?

  First, your listing on our website will include a variety of features to help you connect with birth parents more easily. On your profile, you can:

  • Upload videos.
  • Add photos to a photo gallery.
  • Communicate with prospective birth parents via instant messaging and video chat.
  • Spread the word using tools that allow you to tell the world about your desire to adopt.

  You will increase your reach and exposure by listing on Adoption for My Child. We will personally look over your profiles for any insight for getting your profile noticed.  Adoption For My Child currently averages over 3 million page views per week.


How many adoptions occur/adoptable situations are presented on Adoption for My Child?

    We can’t provide an exact amount due to connections being made and families not reporting to us they have made a connection.  However over 150 adoptable situations were presented and posted publicly just last year.  Not including very specific adoption situations that don’t make it to our available situations page due to the urgency or referring adoption professional. This number also does not include when expectant mothers reach out directly to hopeful adoptive families directly through our site, or adoptions through Safe Haven or “stork drops.” Adoptive Families deactivate their account months before placement or finalization of an adoption.  Adoption for My Child celebrates all adoption connections, whether attributable to its services or other sources.