Do birth fathers have rights?

Yes, the birth father’s rights in adoption are the same as the mother’s unless determined otherwise by court. If the birth father agrees with the adoption plan, he has a right to participate in the adoption planning to the degree that he desires. Each state has varying rules concerning birth father rights. Be sure to check the expectant mother’s state laws.


An Ocean of Fears

Navigating the sea of communication can feel like treading unknown waters between hopeful adoptive parents and expectant mothers. The initial phone call can seem scary at first, but also exciting. The same feelings someone feels when preparing for a job interview or giving a speech can induce the same type of emotional anxiety when it comes to communication. Leaving nothing important unsaid not being afraid to show emotions are necessary.


Instead of harboring emotions inward, both the expectant mother and the hopeful adoptive parents should instead act on those emptions and see where their honesty leads the conversation. Expectant mothers and hopeful adoptive parents shouldn’t hesitate to say something important out of fear for becoming emotional, especially when they admire someone or are proud of what they do or have accomplished. Instead of allowing emotions to get involved, we encourage parties not to miss an opportunity to say what it is they wish to communicate.


The hard truth about open communication is once someone becomes vulnerable to open up about their private thoughts, feelings, wishes and desires to someone else, the dynamic of the relationship then changes. Open and honest communication within a personal connection between expectant mothers and hopeful adoptive parents is vital to the relationship, however it takes courage and taking risks. Part of the risks involved include becoming emotional or upsetting someone’s feelings, however, if parties remain open and considerate and are able to push past the initial worries then the relationship can transform into something spectacular. Something seemingly so simple could generate such an impactful change as truth becomes the shortest distance between two people. Silence creates distance whereas truth creates connections. Don’t let fear drown you, say what’s on your heart and mind; you may feel like your sinking, but you will soon realize you are actually swimming, together.


Do I have to do counseling?

No, counseling is HIGHLY recommended, but is not mandatory. You can see a counselor of your choice or a counselor that is recommended for you. Counseling is available for both during your pregnancy and after your delivery at no cost to you. It is important to consider the need for emotional healing in adoption, even if you aren’t currently struggling with your decision.

What about the birth father?

While it is always better for the birth father to be involved, we understand that this isn’t always possible. The father does have certain legal rights dependent upon the laws in your home state. Your counselor, attorney or agency can talk with you about all the options available.

Will anyone find out that I’m placing my baby up for adoption?

No! Everything is kept confidential if you want your families and friends to know that is your choice. You may tell whomever you want.

Do I need a attorney?

This is optional, but we always advise seeking legal representation. The adoptive family you select or agency you are working with will pay for your legal representation.

How Does Adoption Work?

Many women who find themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy find themselves panicked at the thought of taking care of a child they weren’t prepared for. This could be due to financial instability, family issues or some other personal problems. The expectant mother may be young, or the child may be a product of rape. Sometimes the child may have special needs that the expectant mother does not feel equipped to handle. In these situations, private newborn adoption could the most healthy and positive solution she will have.


Adoption means saving a life. Upon conception, your baby is now a living organism in your womb. Abortion stops a beating heart and many women report feeling regret and anguish over their decision for even decades after. With private newborn adoption you can have peace that your child is being safely parented and loved in an approved home hand-picked by you, should you choose adoption. Not only are you choosing to give the gift of life but are also creating the gift of a family for a couple or individual that without adoption would not be able to create one themselves.


While many expectant mothers choose not to have an abortion performed, they still worry they will not be able to see their baby again or know what their new life is like. This is untrue with open adoptions. With an open adoption, you are able to select a family who matches your criteria and who will agree to your specific adoption plan. For more information on open adoption see here.

Does it cost me anything?

No! There is no cost to you for the adoption. The adoptive family you select will pay the cost related to the adoption process.

What if I regret my decision?

Our dedicated professionals work with you both before and after the adoption to ensure you are making the best decision for both you and your child. Additionally, you’re eligible for free counseling services for any issues, including working through your doubt. We strive to help you every way we can during this period of your life and highly encourage any expectant mother experiencing doubt to not make any decisions without first talking to a counselor and looking at all alternatives and resources to consider parenting.


Is choosing adoption giving up?

No, placing for adoption is one of the bravest things a mother will ever do. Sometimes the best decision a mother can make for her child is to choose a family to provide for her baby in a way that she is not able. She temporarily sets aside her needs for what she believes is the best interests of her child. That’s not abandoning your child – that’s called being a mother (strong, brave, loving, selfless, responsible).