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– New Jersey –


I m Laetitia and my daughter is Amelia and we are so happy to meet you . Thank you so much from the heart for opening this book and considering an adoption plan for your baby . I have been trying to expand our family for the past 7 years. I had to divorce in order to pursue this adoption alone with my lovely child Amelia. I Would like to do my best to be a wonderful unconditional parent to this amazing child just like I m to my daughter. I will give all my love and cherish this child until the end of my life .We are looking forward to expand our family and I know Amelia can’t wait to hava a sibling. Thank you so much for reading our story of me and Amelia.

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New Jersey

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Other Children
1 Girl

1 Dog


I had a wonderful childhood and was very blessed to have a caring family and caring parents ; they gave me a wonderful education, as a child my favorite activities were reading history books and swimming for hours.I have 3 beautiful sisters, we shared many joyful memories and moments together. We grew up with the Catholic Church and all went to a private girls Christian school so we celebrate every Christian holidays, the biggest one it s Christmas we love it .

  • Ethnic Background

    Southeastern Asian/Asian-American

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    Business owner

  • Education

    College Degree

  • Fun Fact

    I was adopted as well from a Chinese father so I carried a Chinese last name from my adopted father

Building Our Family Through Adoption

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My Home

Home sweet home , we love we live . We have a big and beautiful home , 4 bedroom. And office , a sun room , and a huge in- ground pool that we enjoy with all our friends, cousins, children and family , there are over 25 Parks walking distance. Amelia and I set up the nursery with joy and love from our heart . Amazing top town in the state to raise children, the system is excellent . Thank you so much for considering us .

My Nursery

Our beautiful baby blue nursery was done with love from my daughter Amelia and me we put our heart and our soul to make sure the bedroom has everything for the welcoming of the child with all our blessings

My Pets

We love animals we have fishes and a sweet 5 pound Pomeranian dog super well train and sweet . ;My daughter s Amelia s dream is to become a vet for the animals shelters and save all the animals in the world, I told her I will support her dream a 100 percent no matter what happens she definitely can do it for the safety and the love for the animals. Thank you so much for reading about us

My Family

My family, we love to spend quality time together, family is number one for us every one has children so we have huge family, our favorite season is Christmas we bake, we all cook together it s the most beautiful time of the year to be together all the children play games so much love in our family, and we are a very international family I m part of Italien French and Vietnamese and I was adopted at 7 years old from a lovely Asian father that gave me all I needed but I have a brother in law that is African Americans , my daughter s father is caucasien from first generation Russian , my half other side of my family is all caucasien from France , so I m so grateful for this beautiful international family I have.

My Traditions

Our second holiday that we celebrate and enjoy it s Halloween we make sure all the children are happy, we go around with our family and children in town , it s a beautiful time the fall seato enjoy outside with the children ; we celebrate birthday party by doing large party for the children , we enjoy going to the beach we are a very active family. We did travel a few times to France. Amsterdam , and down to Florida as well.

We are a very active family with all the cousins

We enjoy large party with great friends and family every every day is a blessing day ❤️