Adam & Eden

– Armed Forces Pacific –


To our greatest hero,

We are blessed enough to ensure that one parent will always be a stay at home parent. We were fortunate enough to always have parents who were not tired from work. We knew we could turn to them at any age for guidance, advice, and hugs. We both want the opportunity to spend as much time raising our child or children as possible. With open arms and open hearts😊

Open adoption for us includes text, Skype or Whatsapp calls, pictures, videos, and visits. We’d love to have you in our lives, but we also believe the choice is completely yours, we will love you and be grateful for the gift of a child.

We truly marvel at your strength and bravery while deciding what is best for your child, and also for yourself.

Adam & Eden

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Quick Facts

Armed Forces Pacific

Neighborhood Type

Relationship Status
Married - 2 years

Other Children

1 Dog

About Adam

Adam has every trait of the older son, he is successful, a natural leader

and can’t help but take care of those around him. He helped his

younger brother raise his 2 sons and has supported his single mother

for years. On our second date he raced over to help a man who tripped,

so naturally I fell for the compassionate good-natured man. He enjoys

fishing, hiking, skiing, golfing, camping and trivia. He’s a natural sailor as

most engineers are, they enjoy the calculated and skilled nature that

comes along with sailing. Although most tall men have the hardest time

learning ballroom/Latin dancing Adam persevered and became a

natural leader. For the first dance at our wedding, Adam wanted to

make my dreams come true by waltzing the night away. He is the chef

of the family.

  • Ethnic Background


  • Religion


  • Speaks


  • Primary Occupation

    Chief Resident Engineer

  • Education

    Graduate Degree

  • Fun Fact

    a gentle giant who is left handed

About Eden

Eden comes from a large beautifully mutli-cultural family of 8

children, from Michigan. In her family there is no such thing as

half siblings; they all grew up in the same house together as 1

big family that knows how to spread the jokes, laughter and

love around. Eden is a natural future adoptive parent as both

her parents were adopted and so was her best friend. She has

always explored the idea of adoption and, in fact, talked about

it with me before we were even married. Her activities include

sailing, skiing, ballroom/Latin/hip hop dancer, she tries hard at

trivia but she’s much better at board games. She’s naturally an

extrovert which makes her light up a room and start up a

conversation with anyone, typically mid-western of her. Her favorite dish is “scalp potato & ham”. By Adam

  • Ethnic Background


  • Religion


  • Speaks


  • Primary Occupation

    Marketing Communications

  • Education

    College Degree

  • Fun Fact

    ballroom/Latin dancer

Building Our Family Through Adoption

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Our Home

Our current home is Singapore

Our Nursery

Fun pix, honored guest speakers at a co-ed school in India, bathing rescued elephants in Thailand, won a flight simulator experience of a Boeing 737 at a charity Gala and ballroom dancing at a charity ball Casa Loma.

Our Pets

Elijah, he's 14 years old (rescued from a puppy mill at age 3) but is very playful and acts like a young pup. He wants you to know he would love to share his toys with a human brother or sister.

Our Family

We are a multi-ethnical family and proud of it!! Our friends rescue ranch which we will some day have our own hobby farm/rescue ranch.

Our Traditions

Giving back to the community and the world, is a big part of our lives. Volunteering and supporting foundations means a great deal to us.

Traveling the world

Oh gees, are we addicted, maybe. We wanted to get it all out of our systems before settling down and will start it up again once the children are old enough. Collectively we have been to about 20 countries and 10 states.