Pregnant & Considering Adoption?

We understand what you are going through. You are not alone, there is help for you here. We help expectant mothers thought out the United States explore adoption in a safe, supportive, and personalized environment.

Honest, unbiased, and compassionate support for women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Knowing what options, you have available to you when experiencing an unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming and scary. With so much conflicting information, scare tactics, and harmful misinformation available online and in the media, it can feel frightening to explore your pregnancy options in a safe, rational, and loving way.

At Adoption for My Child, we care committed to giving you the support, guidance, and information you need during an unplanned pregnancy.

Don’t limit yourself - when you can have Nationwide access…

Adoptive Families

Adoption For My Child uniquely empowers both Adoptive Families and Expectant Mothers to take control of their adoption journey in our ever-evolving digital world. Giving them freedom to make one of the most important choices in their lives!

Providing industry professionals, adoptive families, and expectant mothers with tailored, on-demand services.

Adoption For My Child (AFMC) is uniquely positioned to operate at the highest standards of care, support, and integrity. By offering practical and compassionate support. We remove the barriers by empowering families to take control of their adoption journey.

AFMC is an adoption profile hosting and outreach/referral site that provides affordable digital-friendly tools that empower life changing connections.

Our platform allows families to present their adoption profile for available situations that they want to be presented to for consideration INSTANTLY.

Empower - with the right resources

Awareness – you don’t have to sign with an agency first – chose a family Connection with a family and Mother Care & Support – we provide care and support

Adoption Professionals - please contact us to learn about our services.

If you have any questions or need support, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Here at Adoption For My Child we understand and respect everyone. We are here to support, guide and provide any help that you may need during your journey.

“The journey may not be perfect, but the end is perfection!”
~ Brandy Pryor

Note: Adoption For My Child LLC provides an online networking community for Adopting Parents and Expectant Parents, via a licensed Adoption Professional for the purpose of considering adoption. Connections are made through services offered by our website Adoption For My Child is NOT a law firm, adoption agency, facilitator, or matchmaking site. It is NOT affiliated with any religious or political institution. AFMC focuses on digital online profiles and service provider referrals. We DO NOT arrange or coordinate adoptions. We DO NOT attempt to influence the outcomes of adoptions or final decisions made between the women and families that connect through our services.