As for my pregnancy and my babies adoption, everything‘s going great with her. She’s growing and thriving here.I will say my pregnancy was very hard, I had no emotional attachment to my pregnancy I’m not afraid to admit that. My body was in survival mode and luckily I was able to survive the situation as well as give her a life I choose adoption.I will say that during my pregnancy I received no prenatal care I didn’t go to the doctors at all, I didn’t know how far along I was in my pregnancy. I would drown out the pain I was dealing with alcohol and different drugs.  

I know it was not the right thing to do for her now, but during that time it was the right thing to do for me. I’m not proud of that.I chose to have a closed adoption, I didn’t want to visit my past at all. The family that I chose respected my decision and have shared pictures through Shutterfly with my old caseworker in case I ever decided I wanted to see her.  I’ve never seen her pictures, but I do have the login and password to the account in case I decide to change my mind. I have asked how she is doing and I hear she is thriving and doing well.

I hope that this helps someone out there who needs it. There’s always help I’ve learned that the hard way but I’m making the right changes for myself and I gave a better life to my daughter.