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My name is Christian! I have been teaching children for almost a decade. My main focus has always been early childhood and this is where my main passion lies. Outside of school, I have also worked for many families as a nanny and tutor. These experiences with children not only gave me years of experience working with many types of children, but it solidified in my heart that I want to be a father.

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About Christian

I have been teaching and working with children infancy to tweens for almost a decade! I got the opportunity to travel and work overseas three years ago! This job allows me to travel the world and gives me summers off and four paid breaks that I use to go back to the US. I have a large support system here, and many of my coworkers have adopted children. They are excited to welcome a new member to the community. I am excited for the opportunity to be a father!

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    Early Childhood Teacher

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    Graduate Degree

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    I worked at a zoo for 3 years!

Building My Family Through Adoption

I am delighted that you are reading my letter! While I will never truly understand what you are going through, I admire the incredible love and courage you are showing as you consider making an adoption plan for your child.

As an early childhood educator for almost a decade, I have worked with many children in a variety of settings and am excited to share some of my favorite things with your child! These include acting out story books, telling jokes that don’t make sense, having dance parties, making up imaginary worlds, etc. I am also looking forward to the opportunity to share with your child some of the experiences I don’t get with my students. Things like learning to swim, learning an instrument, playing a sport, and traveling.

Please know that your child will be in a home built on the idea of respect and acceptance. It is also full of opportunities and amazing places to explore and play. A lovely new nursery is available for your child along with a large gated porch to observe the stream that runs right by the house. The neighborhood is full of families from all over the world! Many of them have adopted children of their own. Families get together often, so there will always be playmates and like-minded individuals for your child to interact with. The extended neighborhood has even more family friendly activities available and invites families for bike rides and evening/weekends walks.

I want to tell you how grateful I am again for you taking the time to read my letter. I hope that it has helped you get to know me a little better. Please know that I am praying for you and your baby in this emotional time.

With respect,


Adoption Preferences

Preferred Gender 

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Any Ethnicity

Preferred Age
Newborn to 5 years old

Number of Children
Willing to adopt a single child, twins,
triplets, or sibling group

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Open or Semi-Open

Special Needs
Yes (on a case by case basis)

My Parenting Style

I believe that parenting is an opportunity to help a child grow into a settled, safe adult. I believe in the importance of impressing upon my child that he/she is unconditionally loved and valued. I intend to demonstrate my love to my child through actions, including spending quality time with my child, taking part in his/her education and supporting his/her positive development by every means available to me. My goal is to provide my child with a loving, affectionate and supportive home, in which my child feels safe, encouraged and confident.

I believe that appropriate and effective parenting includes recognizing the individuality of the child and using disciplinary practices and child guidance techniques that are compatible with the individual needs of that child. As a preschool teacher, I have had extensive training in positive discipline techniques. I am a proponent of empowering children to express their emotions, learn calm down techniques, implement solutions to their own problems, and gain tools to make choices that are helpful and not harmful. I know the importance of positive reinforcement, affection, consistency and encouragement in a child’s life, as well as setting clear, age-appropriate behavioral expectations and limits. I hope to use reasoning, redirecting and problem solving as much as possible. I also hope to establish routines that help my child to make positive decisions and accept redirection. I believe in disciplining with love and not anger. I am opposed to any form of punishment that involves threats, humiliation or violence, finding these practices inappropriate, counterproductive and inconsistent with the values I wishes to impart on my child. The key concept I wants my child to understand is that I love him/her unconditionally.

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My Family

Father, Amanda and Her Adopted Daughter


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