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We are Dan & Christy. We have been married for 9 years, together for 11. Christy is a Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in Endocrinology. Dan is a buyer for a distribution company with a Civil Engineering degree. We have been trying to have a child for 5 years. We were foster parents to a wonderful 10 year old for a year, who was returned to his parents. We live in a community made for families with lots of parks, playgrounds, and activities for children. We moved here in hopes to start a family. We currently do not have children but dream of the opportunity. We have 5 furbabies and a cat. They all love children and can’t wait for a new family addition.

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Quick Facts


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Adopted Before

Relationship Status
Married – 9 Years

5 Dogs & 1 Cat

Other Children

About Christy

As a child Christy played the piano, clarinet and violin. She also sang in the school choir as was a member of the school marching band. She graduate in the top of her class in high school, nursing school and masters degree program. She currently is a Nurse Practitioner in Endocrinology. She volunteers in dog rescues, homeless out reach programs and helps other friends plan fundraisers. In Pennsylvania she was a volunteer fire-fighter with the vehicle rescue team and was trained to operate the jaws of life. Christy also had a dark brown belt in karate as a kid and favorite hobby is landscape photography.

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  • Primary Occupation

    Family Nurse Practitioner – Endocrinology

  • Education

    Graduate Degree

  • Fun Fact

    Was a volunteer fire-fighter specializing in vehicle rescue

About Dan

During Dan’s childhood there were not many sports he didn’t play for school. Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Wrestling and

Cross Country. Taking all advanced math courses he went to Penn State University for Civil Engineering. After completing his degree he worked designing shopping centers and managing their construction. During one of his projects he met Christy and they have been together since. Dan loves all sports and tries to play soccer and volleyball whenever he can. His current job involves electronics and he loves playing video games and going to sporting events with his friends. His favorite hobby is DIY projects like wood working or home automation. The house is filled with tables and benches he has made with his family. His biggest hope is to share his love for sports, DIY projects and/or gaming with a son or daughter.

  • Ethnic Background


  • Religion

    Baptist, Christian, Protestant

  • Speaks

    English, Spanish

  • Primary Occupation

    Buyer for Technology Distribution Company

  • Education

    College Degree

  • Fun Fact

    I was the Nittany Lion Mascott for Penn State University for 1 year

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Building Our Family Through Adoption

Our Letter To You

(Coming Soon)

Adoption Preferences

Preferred Gender 
Boy or Girl

Child’s Ethnicity
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander

Preferred Age
Newborn to 6 months

Willing to Adopt
One Child
A Sibling Group

Preferred Adoption Type
Open / Semi-Open / Closed

Special Needs
Not at this time

Our Parenting Style

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Our Story

Our Home

We bought a large home with a large yard, in a family-oriented community with an award-winning school. We knew we had “found the one,” when we visited our community during Halloween. The streets were blocked off for neighborhood parties and tons of children were playing safely in the streets. Living in a child loving and safe community is important to us both. Our community is always holding family friendly events, has walking trails, 3 pools, tennis courts, an indoor gym, and too many parks to count. Amazingly, our community appreciates the night sky, keeping lights low, so we can enjoy the stars as well. These are all things we can’t wait to share with our child.

Our Nursery

Our nursery is only steps away from our master bedroom. When we bought our home it was already a nursery….Beautiful white wainscoting and a cute white child’s ceiling fan, and plantation shutters on the windows. It has its own bathroom for when our child is older. Before losing our son, the nursery was prepared. We already have lots of baby cloths, toys, crib, changing table, motorized swing, pack n play, and rocking chair too! We just need a baby to love and rock to sleep to complete the room.

Our Pets

We have 6 fur babies in our home. All who LOVE children! Volunteering is important to us both and have adopted all of our pets (apart from our fish). Our oldest, Keegan, who is a miniature dachshund, is 16, and Christy has had her since graduating nursing school. Bailey is an English Cocker Spaniel, Finnigan is a Bichon-Mix, Liem is a Spaniel-Mix, Random Cat is a Tuxedo Cat, and our youngest is , Mae an Akita-Pit. We rescued Mae from a shelter lacking funds to treat her Parvo Virus. Mae was dying so we took over her care at home….IVs…Antibiotics…and thankfully she survived! We tried to foster her but we couldn’t give her up and so she became our 5th dog.

Our Family

Between the two of us, we have 4 siblings and lots of family and friends, all who are eager to love and nurture a baby with us. Christy’s mom and sister live here in Arizona. Christy’s mom is a teacher and would be an amazing resource regarding child and educational development; ready to put those skills to good use with a grandchild. She has a library of thousands of children’s books in her garage! Adoption is not new to our family. Christy’s sister, Lien, was adopted from China when Christy was 13. But, to be honest, Christy has never thought of her as being anything but her sister. Truly, the only thing that changed in her family’s lives, regarding her adoption, was that they started celebrating Chinese New Year. Dan has 2 brothers and one sister. His family lives in Pennsylvania and we visit at least yearly. Dan’s mom is a professional baker and she likes to visit us often. She can’t wait to teach our child her baking tricks! She too, is so excited to have another grandchild!

Our journey to parenthood and gratification to you…

We have been on a journey for several years to grow our family and have been unsuccessful in having children of our own. Christy have gone through multiple procedures, inseminations, and 4 rounds of IVF. We were blessed, once, with pregnancy, but we lost our son 22.5 weeks into pregnancy. As heart breaking and painful as our path has been so far, we know we’re meant to be parents! During our journey in becoming parents, we became foster parents. We hope this gives you confidence that we are well-trained and have a very safe home. Our passion to become parents solidified, when we welcomed our foster son “D” into our lives. He was 11 and significantly behind in school. Through hard work, determination, and working as a team, “D” was making Honor Roll his 2nd quarter with us, despite having severe ADHD. Education is important to us and we were blessed to be able to pass this passion onto him. We were fortunate to have “D” for a year, he was then reunited with his family. His time with us showed us how well we work together and how much we love being parents. Not every day was easy, but we grew and practiced patience we didn’t realize we were capable of. We appreciate your bravery and selflessness in making the decisions before you. No matter your journey to today, your decision is difficult and very much full of love. Knowing loss ourselves, only a true and caring mother knows what’s best for her child. We hope we meet your hopes and expectations for the people given the privilege of providing your child a loving home to grow and flourish. Know that we would not let you down, helping to guide and support your child to become the best person he or she can be. We truly wish you comfort and peace in your heart, as you make the decisions before you. Know that your child will be well-cared for and loved in our home.