My wife and I had the privilege to be chosen by an expectant mother who was due in just 2 weeks – yikes!We had been working with Adoption STAR and had not been profiled and I felt some type of way.I signed up with Adoptimist and almost immediately a women named Amy Senior messaged me about a baby whose parents were trans/non-binary and in a polyamorous triad and she felt based on my Adoptionist I might be open to this situation. It did not work out as both my wife and I are Latina and were specifically hoping to adopt a child of color. I felt so seen in being contacted for a situation that had components to it that many prospective adoptive parents might not understand and have judgement about. So I made a profile with Adoption For My Child and immediate started receiving “situations”. My wife and I submitted to be profiled for about 3 of them. And then I get THE email.

A situation was sent of Amy and Kylie with Adoption For My Child and they reached to me urgently about the situation as the expectant mother wanted a Latina/o family and were open to all family configurations. She also lived in California and while I no longer live there, my entire family does. The kicker was, the EM was viewing the profiles in just a few hours.

Amy and Kylie went out of their way to gather and send all my stuff to the EM to view and called me to say we were a tentative match. Amy stayed by me through the whole process which was beyond what she was required to do. They did not get big money from me but gave me big and loving support.

We FaceTimed with the EM that Friday and had a sweet conversation. Signed the paperwork on Monday (lawyer). And got a text: my water busted!

I made it to California Tuesday morning and the EM handed me the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.