As a birth mother facing an unexpected pregnancy, the world can seem frightening and terrifying. With so many emotions ranging from fear to uncertainty, confusion to sadness, and an abundance of worry, the experience of having an unplanned pregnancy can feel incredibly isolating for you.

At Adoption for My Childwe are committed to giving you the support, guidance, and information you need during an unplanned pregnancy.

Explore profiles of families who want to adopt. Get to know them on your terms.


Registering for a FREE account will allow you message families directly through this site while also remaining anonymous. You do not have to share your name or any information with them until you are ready.

Please note that if you prefer not to message families just yet or have any reservations, you can fill out this form and tell us what type of characteristics you are looking for in a family. Adoption For My Child can find families who match your selected criteria and who have agreed to move forward with an adoption plan if you choose them. If you don’t like a particular family, don’t worry, we’ll let them know for you so you don’t have to. If you have a favorite family (or a few), you have the ability to connect with them BEFORE deciding which one (if any) is right for you.

Remember! Talking to a family does not commit you to anything. An adoption can only legally take place after the baby is born and you’ve given your consent. You are never obligated to place your child for adoption and you should ALWAYS do what is right for you and your baby! Whether you choose to place your child for adoption (or decide to parent) is completely your decision. You are in control from the start! 

We will NEVER pressure you or judge you…We will NEVER share anything personal that you tell us (unless you specifically ask us to).Your privacy, dignity, and well being are our top priority!


AFMC is dedicated to providing you with the necessary information, resources, and loving support that you need to make the best choice for you and your unborn child.

Our approach to adoption helps you make the right choice for you, your body, and your baby – offering a wide assortment of adoption options, including private adoptions, adoption agencies, or other professional child placement services.

Our team of adoption experts can help you examine the pros and cons that come with each adoption experience, and help you find the best opportunity for your unique situation.

We have many families waiting to give your baby the future you want them to have.  





Adoption For My Child, or AFMC, has been helping, guiding, and supporting birth mothers navigate their personal unplanned pregnancy journey since 2005.

We are committed to providing compassionate mentorship for birth mothers – helping them find the best pathway for themselves, their situation, and of course, their unborn child.


This information is sent to Roxanne – Birth Mom Support Service and Outreach Director who will complete the intake and assessment with you, provide education, guidance and support to on a regular basis throughout your pregnancy.  

The Birth Mom Outreach Director will help to coordinate contact between birth parent and adoptive family throughout and after pregnancy and other tasks as assigned. 


The Birth Mom Outreach Director is a third-party provider that partners with AFMC to provide unmatched support to birth moms considering adoption as a choice. 

  • AFMC does not verify pregnancy of Expectant Mother that visit our site. If an expectant mother contacts us, her information is received by a third party qualified to provide her guidance and support. ALL “vetting” verification of pregnancy are completed by a third party. We network with qualified professionals that we refer expectant mothers to when visiting AFMC site to verify pregnancy and provide case management when needed. AFMC does not employee or contract the professionals we refer expectant mother too. If an expectant mother decides adoption is the right option. Our families will be notified of the available situation. Families will be responsible for covering any fees from the service provider working with the expectant mother.

AFMC focuses on digital online profiles and service provider referrals. We DO NOT arrange or coordinate adoptions. We DO NOT attempt to influence the outcomes of adoptions or final decisions made between the women and families that connect through our services.  All expectant mothers are referred to a licensed social worker in our network.  IF adoption is the option the mother chooses, the social worker will work with the expectant mother.  We do not work directly with expectant mothers.