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Celine & Christian

- Utah -


Family is everything to us! Ever since we met, we have talked about growing our family. Adoption has always been on our mind. Our families are just as excited as we are to welcome a little one and shower him/her with love, kindness and care.

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About Celine

  • Ethnicity:
  • Speaks:
    English, French
  • Religion:
  • Education:
    Some College
  • Occupation:

Celine grew up on a little farm in France. They raised chickens and rabbits and farmed potatoes and hay. She learned hard work and responsibility at a young age. Her family didn’t travel much but she was fortunate to experience lots of cultures from immigrants who settled in her village. She has always found other cultures fascinating. This is probably why she loves traveling. Celine moved to Utah 14 years ago. She has learned English since but you can still hear her French accent. Celine is an accountant; she enjoys working with numbers and finances. She is planning to be a stay-at-home mom but knows that planning and budgeting are skills that can be useful in the home as well. Celine enjoys genealogy work and puzzles, learning Spanish and singing makes her happy despite being off-key and bad at it. Celine is always grateful about something, even though things might not go her way, life is still a precious gift to her and you can still see her smiling through it all. She often says “no one is made to be alone, that is why families and friends are such a blessing”. She thinks that love and kindness are gifts that are made to be shared, because it makes the world a better place. She loves to hug. Celine is responsible and task oriented, but has a goofy side as well. She can be silly at times and sometimes she doesn’t even know what she did to deserve the laughs.

About Christian

  • Ethnicity:
  • Speaks:
    English, Spanish
  • Religion:
  • Education:
    College Degree
  • Occupation:

Christian grew up in Arizona but has lived in many places, such as, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and quite a few US states. Christian had time to improve his Spanish while serving a mission for his church. Christian is currently working as a salesman. He has a Bachelor degree in Business and is finishing a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering in order to make a career change soon, hopefully allowing Celine to stay at home with their children. Christian loves to work with his hands and create new things. Christmas and birthdays are usually times in which the garage is a mess with some sort of project he is working on for a family member. He loves his nieces and nephews; when visiting family, you can find Christian by finding the children; there is usually one or two of them playing some sort of game with him. He also enjoys playing the guitar and reading books, things that he finds relaxing and a way to escape a stressful day. The yard is always a never-ending project, getting outside and working with the flowers and mowing the lawn are things that he cares about a great deal. It is important to him to make things pleasing to the eye; turning a house into their home. He also loves to help others; if his brothers or father are in need of a helping hand, he is there and always willing to give what he can to others in need.

Building Our Family Through Adoption

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Our Parenting Style

Adoption Preferences

  • Preferred Gender
    Open to either gender, Open to either gender
  • Preferred Age
    Newborn - 6 Months, 7 Months - 1 year of age, 1 -2 years old, 3-5 years old
  • Willing to Adopt
    One Child, Twins/Triplets, A Sibling Group
  • Preferred Adoption Type
    Open, Semi-Open, Closed
  • Child’s Ethnicity
    White/Caucasian, Hispanic/Latino, Asian/Asian American, Native American, Pacific Islander
  • Special Needs
    Yes (on a case by case basis)

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