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Understand the Types of Adoption and the Differences Between Them

  1. Foster Care Adoption Through State Social Services
  2. International Adoption
  3. Private Domestic Adoption (what we will be focusing on here)


Research The Cost Associated With Each Domestic Adoption Route

It is important to obtain a solid understanding of the costs involved in the adoption process. Contrary to what many first-time perspective adoptive parents may think, not all types of domestic adoption cost the same.  The cost of adoption can vary dramatically depending on the adoption path you choose and what professional services you utilize.  It’s important that you decide what you (and your family) can realistically afford.

Estimated Cost to Adopt
Home study fee$2,400$2,000$1000+
Document preparation$950$550
Adoption agency program fees$16,500
Adoption consultant fees$1,200
Attorney fees$5,000$10,500$5,000
Birth family counseling$1,000$850$800
Birth mom expenses$5,000$5,000$5,000
Travel expenses$2,000$2,000
Post-placement expenses$2,000$1,050
Misc. expenses$3,500$1,000
Average Totals$41,550$24,650$13,100


Get Home Study Approved

A home study is required in every adoption. This is completed to ensure that you are fit to become parents by collecting important information and conducting interviews with you and your family.  They will also complete background checks, collect financial and medical information, and will conduct a home inspection.

While you are working through the home study process, you can start building your adoption profile that will be presented to an expectant mother.


Market Your Family Profile Online

All adoptive families at AFMC will have a digital profile, consisting information, pictures and videos. The information provided allows expectant mothers to learn more about your family and what it would be like if she chooses your family to raise her child.  AFMC offers marketing options that allows your family the unique opportunity to get your profile directly in front of expectant mothers.

For More information on how to become a client and market your family profile, click below.


Submit Your Profile For Available Situations

Once you have completed your home study, and adoption profiles, you will be ready to find an adoption opportunity with a prospective birth mother.

Patience is key during the waiting period….but if you just can’t wait…you can proactively submit your family profile for different adoption situations that come to us from across the country. Non-clients pay a marketing fee of $3,000 if they match. AFMC waves the marketing fee for registered clients with an active membership and profile on our site. For a full list of current situations, click the link below.


Connect With An Expectant Mother

Adoptive families that work with AFMC can meet expected mothers either though submitting their profile for an available situation and be selected by an expected mother or by waiting for an expectant mother to independently contact them through their online profile.

  • Direct Messaging – Private, confidential messaging though AFMC private messaging portal.
  • Phone Call –Gives you an opportunity to talk directly to Expectant Parents and learn more about them.
  • Email Exchange – Ongoing confidential email communication prior to placement.
  • Meet During Placement – Travel to the hospital where the birth takes place and interact with the birth parents upon placement.
  • Popular Social Platforms – WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, and Snapchat


You’re Matched – Now Create an Adoption Plan Together

Once your profile is accepted by an expectant mother, you and the expectant parents will then go over and agree on the expectant mother’s adoption plan. This is a great time to get to know each other better and build a relationship.

At Adoption For My Child, we encourage openness in these adoption relationships because it helps the expectant mother feel more confident in the family she has chosen.

how to adopt a baby


Finalize Your Adoption

Your adoption will be legally completed, and your child will be official a member of your family once you complete these 3 steps to for finalization.

  1. ICPC (Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children) – If your adoption occurs across state lines, you must remain in the state until ICPC paperwork clears.  Each state has their own set of laws, but it usually takes between 7 to 10 business days.
  2. Complete Post-Placement Visits– This is normally completed by your home study provider.  These visits show how the family and the family are adjusting to one another. The information is provided to the courts for finalization.
  3. Finalization Hearing– A judge’s final review of the adoption ensures all required documents and visits have been completed and both birth parents’ parental rights were legally terminated. At this point the adoptive family is granted legal custody of the child and awarded the adoption decree!