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If you’re serious about adopting a child and you’re home study approved,
signing up with Adoption For My Child should be your next big move.

Options for Every Budget

AFMC offer flexible monthly memberships at a fraction of the cost of what other adoption professionals charge. There’s no large upfront fees to use our services and you can cancel your membership at anytime.

Real Transparency

We post our situations online because we feel it’s important for families to know that the fees they pay to us are being put hard to work. In 2019, we posted over 140 situations.

Instant Profile Delivery

We make it super easy for you to instantly send your profile to expectant mothers across the US. Submit your request and moments later your profile is waiting in her inbox ready for her to review.

We Bring Situations to You

We utilize strategic advertising and our extensive referral network to bring you new adoption opportunities from across the US. Each situation’s cost is different so be sure to read the details carefully.

You’re In Control

Decide which situations are right for you and when you want to be presented. Don’t let other adopt professionals put you on a waiting list or decide if you are worthy of having your profile shown to an expectant mother.

More Opportunities to Match

Don’t limit yourself by signing up with an agency or consultant. AFMC helps you affordably find a match BEFORE you pay any funds to an adoption service provider.

What’s Required?

1. A completed private US domestic home study. Sorry a foster care one won’t work.

2. An active membership with AFMC. We offer 3 memberships levels.

3. A PDF profile about your family with no contact information listed inside. IMPORTANT: A link to an online profile WILL NOT be accepted.

4. Read and Sign AFMC’s Service Agreement (provided in your account section)

Note: All documents must be formally approved by AFMC before you can request to have your profile sent to and considered by the expectant mother.

New York FAMILIES – To work with AFMC you will need to become an Ultimate Member

Important Information for Families from NY –  Ultimate Members DO NOT pay a networking/marketing fee if/when they match with one of our available situations. Basic Members, however, must pay a $3,000 fee, which is not allowed for NY families.

In order for AFMC to work with prospective adoptive parents from New York in any capacity (including situation referrals), you must be an active client. We want to make sure that you stay within the bounds of adoption ICPC laws. We always encourage any of our potential clients from any state, to consult their attorney before using any of our services.

No Networking Fees for Elite or Ultimate Members

AFMC Elite & Ultimate Members DO NOT pay a networking/marketing fee if/when they match with one of our available situations. Basic Members, however, must pay a $3,000 fee.

But why is it so cheap? There’s got to be catch, right?

Nope, sorry. No catch. We believe families should be able to affordably adopt. We saw a need in the adoption industry for something like this…so we created a business model to do just that.

Think of it this way – if each our clients pay just a little per month, none of them are forced to pay massive, debt-inducing fees if/when they match.

Membership Options


THERE ISN’T ONE. Simply put, we true care about making adoption affordable for everyone and we’re letting the value we bring to our clients speak for itself. By delivering a new and different kind of way of doing things, we are providing a more authentic, easier, and affordable way for families and expectant women to come together and get to know each other without pressure.

It’s our hope that you’ll join us on our journey of making adoption better for everyone involved.

How long it takes to find a match is different for every family. Some families match within a week, others take up to a year or longer.

So many factors ultimately impact how fast you match:

  • Quality of images on your profile
  • Personalized, easy to reach content and explanations of who you are
  • How specific or flexible you are in regards to your adoption preferences
  • How often you respond to expectant mother’s who reach out to you via your online profile
  • How often you submit your profile for available situations
  • Your financial resources to cover birth mother expenses

Yes –  For new clients, we will issue a refund upon request within one week of your first purchase. For clients whose membership just auto-renewed, you must request a refund within 48 hours of the renewal. Please note that you have the ability to cancel or pause your membership at any time within your account portal.

Questions – email [email protected]

Yes, for an additional fee, we can design a totally custom profile and/or adoption book that meets your needs. Please email [email protected] to request a free consultation to discuss your needs.

Please contact us by emailing [email protected], using the form below, or by calling 801-559-7444.

Yes they do! For more information the adoption tax credit, go HERE.