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Sean & Michelle

- Illinois -


Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our profile to get to know us a little bit. We can't imagine what you are going through as you are making some big decisions at this time. We admire your courage and strength in taking this step to considering adoption. We have been eagerly waiting to start our family since we got married five years ago but due to struggles with infertility it has been a tough journey. We are so grateful that our hearts and prayers have led us to adoption!

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About Sean

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    College Degree
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(By Michelle) Sean is the most fun-loving person I know! He is constantly looking for an opportunity to crack a "dad" joke any chance he gets. He makes me laugh daily with his goofy personality. He's genuine, patient and a very hard worker. Sean is amazing with kids and kids seem to just be drawn to him! We'll be out to eat and suddenly I'll notice Sean and a little toddler just waving at each other. Our toddler cousins that we babysit absolutely adore him and ask for him quite a bit. Sean beams with happiness every time he’s with our little cousins. Sean works as an engineer and for the past year has enjoyed working from home. He has quite a bit of flexibility with his job which is very nice. In his free time, up until recently, Sean enjoyed coaching middle school students in First Lego League. He also is a driving instructor for teens and young adults to teach them “street survival” which is more of an advanced level of safety training for driving. Sean enjoys working on cars and talks about how he cannot wait to have little “helpers” in the garage with him.

About Michelle

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    College Degree
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    Former pediatrics nurse, now remotely teaches part time

(By Sean) It is hard to describe Michelle in just 200 words when a book about such an amazing woman is necessary! I am so lucky to have a wife that I can call my best friend. We love sharing our passions together, such as me helping her bake or her helping turn wrenches. She is always thinking up things to do or places to go together...just trying to find more excuses to explore. One thing I love about her is she brings out the best in me, and really all those around her. She is never afraid to give advice to or bend over backwards for anyone, especially family. But, most of all, she wants nothing more but to give all her time, energy, and love to all the children in her life, such as her cousins. Her heart is so huge that she sometimes forgets all about herself…that is how selfless she is. Michelle is a natural mother. I yearn for the day that I experience the joy of watching her love and cherish our little ones. I have no doubt that her patience, love, kindness, humor and honesty will help our little family grow close together!

Building Our Family Through Adoption

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    Open to either gender, Open to either gender
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    Any age range
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    Yes (on a case by case basis)

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