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Luis & Diana

- Georgia -


We are a loud, loving family that takes joy in the simple things and strives to make each day one full of love and laughter. We value quality time and truly love being together. We are a bi-lingual (English/Spanish) and bi-cultural family, and live with a sense of belonging to so much more than just a single community. We love to travel, spend time in the outdoors and/or with family, and we walk by faith, live with laughter, and always strive to be kind and loving.

Quick Facts

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  • Children

    2 Girls

About Luis

  • Ethnicity:
  • Speaks:
    English, Spanish
  • Religion:
  • Education:
    College Degree
  • Occupation:
    Clinical Product Manager

I have an M.D. degree from Mexico, but work in the private sector from home. I am a true introvert, in that I need quiet/alone time to recharge; but I am also outgoing, sociable and love being with friends. I love to sing, perform, act and just to be goofy in general; even if just to make my kids laugh. As an only child, my family is everything to me!

About Diana

  • Ethnicity:
  • Speaks:
    English, Spanish, French
  • Religion:
  • Education:
    College Degree
  • Occupation:

I am without a doubt an extrovert! I am very outgoing and enjoy talking to strangers. I love feeling a connection with people around me, and I believe we all have a story to share. I enjoy a good adventure, and don't mind making a fool of myself. I am silly, laugh a lot, and love to have fun; but also enjoy relaxing, and a good deep conversation. Photography is my passion and my artistic outlet and allows me to meet wonderful people! I love being a mom and that will always be my number 1 priority.

Building Our Family Through Adoption

Our Letter To You

Our Parenting Style

Adoption Preferences

  • Preferred Gender
    Open to either gender, Open to either gender
  • Preferred Age
    Newborn - 6 Months, 7 Months - 1 year of age
  • Willing to Adopt
    One Child, Twins/Triplets
  • Preferred Adoption Type
    Open, Semi-Open, Closed
  • Child’s Ethnicity
    White/Caucasian, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian/Asian American, Native American, Pacific Islander, Any racial/ethnic background, Other
  • Special Needs
    Yes (on a case by case basis)

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