Finding the Right Family

A key service of Adoption For My Child is helping you to find the adoptive family that you feel is perfect for your child. At Adoption For My Child, we understand that you’re not just looking up a family that will give your child a wonderful life–you are searching for the right family that has all the qualities you want for your child, a family that you feel comfortable with, and a family that you can trust to raise your child.

We can assist you in identifying families who have the qualities you are looking for and connect you with the families you are interested in. We have access to hundreds of families for you to choose from with diverse backgrounds and beliefs.

Choosing the family you feel would be a perfect fit for your child can be an exciting and overwhelming time. You may be thinking, “There are so many qualified families out there, how will I be able to choose?” Expectant/Birth parents, we suggest the following four tasks guide you through this process.

  1. Identify the qualities you’re looking for. Write down the items that are nonnegotiable for the family you choose. Some examples would be religion, location, and contact after placement. Then add “wants” to the list. These could be things like hobbies and interests. This list will help you define what the family you want looks like.
  2. Listen to your heart. After you’ve made your list and start looking at families, listen to your heart. There may be families that have all the qualities on your list but just don’t feel “right.” On the flip side, there may be families who don’t have all the items on your list but seem worth connecting. Follow your instincts.
  3. Reach out and make a connection. After you’ve listened to your heart and identified families you think may be a perfect family to raise your child, reach out and make that real-life connection. It’s okay to reach out to several families at the same time to compare how you feel with each one. The ideal match is out there! You can (and should) be picky! Make sure you talk about communication after placement and what you desire for your continued involvement. These conversations can be difficult. If you start to feel overwhelmed, be sure to lean on your adoption professional for help.
  4. Take your time. This is your story. You are the one who makes the decisions for you and your baby. You have the right to choose whatever family you desire to parent your child. This is a lifelong decision. Take your time.

Of course, some families may have red flags for you, but there is the right family out there for your child. Families that agree too quickly, appear secretive, and are vague may not be the right family to build an open adoption with.