I have been exploring family profiles for weeks on multiple platforms.  AFMC provided more options for connections than the other platforms I was viewing.  AFMC has an option where you send them your specific request and they will send a family that meets that request.  Choosing that option was surprisingly much easier for me and eliminate families that didn’t meet my requirements.  I found that the profile content was very informative which gave me a better view of the family and the lifestyle each presented.  On a positive note, it was hard to choose because there were so many great families that presented profiles for me to review.  I chose a family that from a visual standpoint, I would have never picked, but because they took the time to send their profile, and a personal letter, I took the time to view and read.  After reading and viewing the content they provided in their profile, I knew I needed to contact them.   Thanks, AFMC for allowing this service for all mothers considering adoption.  Much easier than dealing with an agency.  

To the amazing families that display their personal journey for expectant mothers like myself to view, you too are brave.  Thank you for sharing your stories and families with me.  It was an honor getting to know each of your families on a more personal level.

To the mothers choosing adoption – Don’t allow anyone or any service to make this decision for you.  Choosing adoption for your child is your choice, and so is choosing the right family.  Don’t settle for what others think you need, it’s your choice.

Amy, Thank you for providing this option for women.  It allowed me space to explore my options.  This option also gave me a scene of peace that I wasn’t ignoring families that continually messaged with their desperate plea for me to choose them.  That may be something to consider posting for families.  One platform I was using allowed families to message me after I reached out to them.  This is completely fine, but some families abused this by messaging repeatedly which made them look desperate and a little crazy.  It made me feel like prey.  You have amazing clients and I really like the platform and program you have put together.