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Registering for a FREE account will allow you message families directly through this site while also remaining anonymous. You do not have to share your name or any information with them until you are ready.

Please note that if you prefer not to message families just yet or have any reservations, you can fill out this form and tell us what type of characteristics you are looking for in a family. Adoption For My Child can find families who match your selected criteria and who have agreed to move forward with an adoption plan if you choose them. If you don’t like a particular family, don’t worry, we’ll let them know for you so you don’t have to. If you have a favorite family (or a few), you have the ability to connect with them BEFORE deciding which one (if any) is right for you.

Remember! Talking to a family does not commit you to anything. An adoption can only legally take place after the baby is born and you’ve given your consent. You are never obligated to place your child for adoption and you should ALWAYS do what is right for you and your baby! Whether you choose to place your child for adoption (or decide to parent) is completely your decision. You are in control from the start! 

Please note, we will NEVER pressure you or judge you…We will NEVER share anything personal that you tell us (unless you specifically ask us to).

Your privacy, dignity, and well being are our top priority!


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