ICPC stands for Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children and it is the most dreaded part of an adoptive parent’s adoption journey. ICPC allows children to be transported legally across state line for the sake of foster care or adoption. Hopeful adoptive parents usually travel to the child’s home state once they are available for adoption. They must then remain with the child in the child’s home state until the ICPC paperwork is not only completed but is accepted in both states. Once the ICPC paperwork is completed then the adoptive parents can travel home with their child. Except for extenuating circumstances, the ICPC paperwork is typically completed within several days to weeks. The ICPC wait can be a grueling one but using this precious time as bonding moments with your baby will make the wait worth it. Consider using this time to get baby on a schedule or spend time getting to know the birth mother if your open adoption plan allows contact. Arriving as prepared as possible will help the waiting period to go smoother.