We provide a safe space (via our website) for expectant mothers to confidentially explore adoption without pressure or judgement, receive non-bias advice about the process of adoption, locate helpful resources, and independently review profiles of families who want to adopt a child. Adoption entities provide details of what an expectant mother is looking for in a family and we present this information to qualified families that are interested in being presented.  We provide the profiles to the expectant mother, or adoption entity requesting profiles to review without pressure or judgement. This make sure that she has the opportunity to choose from a list of qualified families that match her specific request. After she chooses a family, we hand the process over to the family, expectant mother, and the adoption professionals representing them. 

  Our services provide ways for expectant mothers and qualified families to meet in ways that were not possible years ago. We’re putting the control of the adoption back in the hands of the individual families and women considering adoption. 

  It’s also worth stating that we NEVER withhold presenting a profile of a family birth mom. We do not decide who is worthy of child. Every family who has love in their heart for a child and is legally home study approved deserves an opportunity to share their story with an expectant/birth mother. We do not influence her decision process and we want each party on each side to feel 100% confident that they made the right decision without pressure or influence. 

  We want everyone to know that we are working hard to change the way the industry works because we truly believe in our cause.