You’ve Completed Your First Trimester, Now What?

The 13th week of your pregnancy is an important week that signifies you are leaving your first trimester and entering your second trimester. This is the vital point when the chances of having a miscarriage decrease. The 13th week is one that holds a lot of changes for both the expectant mother’s body as well as her baby’s. Here are some of the things you should expect at this stage in your pregnancy.


What is going on with my body?

During the 13th week of your pregnancy your hormone levels will begin to be controlled and your placenta will take over production from here until birth. Your stomach will begin to grow both upward and outward. This is the point in pregnancy that many women need to begin using maternity clothing to feel more comfortable as they have extra elastic to stretch. Many women who are not showing enough for maternity clothes or feel they are to big still will use legging type pants or an elastic hair tie to close their jeans.

Many women start to feel more comfortable in the 13th week as the the earlier symptoms of pregnancy beginning to fade. Some women still suffer from exhaustion and/or nausea at 13 week which mostly fades by the end of this trimester. Most women still experience at least some other symptoms that can include leaking breasts, round ligament pain in their pelvic region due to the increased size and pressure of baby on mother’s stretching muscles, clear or white (never green or yellow) discharge from the vagina, and increased energy levels or on the contrary, exhaustion.


What’s going on with my baby?

During the 13th week of pregnancy, baby is around the size of a peapod. Baby’s intestines that grew from conception through week 12 will grow to become the umbilical cord until later when the cord helps the intestines return to their proper place in baby’s abdomen. Baby’s bones will begin developing from the tissues of their body. During week 13, baby will also begin urinating which surprisingly makes up most of the amniotic fluid surrounding him or her.  Your baby’s genitalia are continuing to develop more prominently and in the upcoming weeks an ultrasound technician will be able to determine the gender if you choose to find out. Baby’s heartbeat is easily heard using a doppler machine by this stage in your pregnancy.


What do I need to do?

If you have normal pregnancy weight gain, there is no need to increase your food intake to eat for two. Eating a well-balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables in addition to drinking lots of water and taking a prenatal vitamin will ensure both you and baby are receiving the vitamins and nutrients necessary for baby’s healthy growth and development. Get plenty of rest as your body is using all of your energy to grow your baby. Take advantage of the sleep.