Here is a list of 18 reasons why an Expectant Parent(s) may choose adoption for their baby.

  1. Financial Reasons
  2. Housing 
  3. Support from family/other
  4. No job
  5. Abusive Relationship
  6. Drug/Alcohol Use 
  7. Pro-life
  8. Want a two parent family
  9. Homeless
  10. Want better for their child
  11. One night stand
  12. Having a career and baby doesn’t work at this time in my life.
  13. College student
  14. Baby is due to an affair 
  15. Not the right time in my life for a family.
  16. State removed other children, and want the system in my business.  
  17. Would rather have an adoption plan versus baby going into foster care where I don’t get to choose.
  18. An affair