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Sam & Kasey

- New Hampshire -


Welcome! We're Sam, Kasey, Brownie, and Wicket. We're excited that you're taking the time to get to know us, and would love to know you too. Thank you for stoping by!

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    New Hampshire
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About Sam

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  • Education:
    College Degree
  • Occupation:
    Occupational Therapist

There are so many things that I want you to know about Sam, but they won’t all fit in this tiny space! Who is Sam? He’s an occupational therapist, who works with students with disabilities. He fights every day to make sure the children he works with have what they need, physically and emotionally. He’s a son, and a brother, who is always there to lend a hand when anyone (family, friend, or stranger) needs it. Sam’s empathy and compassion lead him in everything that he does. Sam has stopped to jumpstart stranger’s cars, he has taken time to dig them out of snow, and helped find their way more times than I can count. Sam isn’t afraid to try something new, and always encourages the kids he works with to reach their full potential. I’ve watched him play joyfully with toddlers, preschoolers, and kids at camp, and meet each and every one of them where they’re at. Sam’s really good at that--meeting us where we’re at. And while all these are examples of why he’ll be an amazing father, they’re evidence of the strong, giving spirit that Sam carries within him and drew me to him in the first place. ~Kasey

About Kasey

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  • Education:
    College Degree
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Oh my, to describe Kasey, a task nearly impossible for so many reasons let alone in writing. She is a dedicated, strong, caring, nerdy, loving, and creative wife, daughter, teacher, and person. Long before we even thought about dating Kasey became a good friend and role model because of the joy and comfort she was able to provide to all of the people around her. I watched her working with kids of all ages, putting a smile on their faces and giving them the confidence to go down their own paths. She uses her wonderful sense of humor to put her students at ease during even times as crazy as these. Clearly watching how Kasey works with kids makes me know she would be an amazing mother. Kasey has such passion that it is quite literally infectious. She dedicates so much to those around her, she is constantly aware of the needs of others, often before they are. She continues to help her siblings as they enter adulthood as she always has. Kasey gives so much love to those around her but I still feel that her heart is overflowing with more. ~Sam

Building Our Family Through Adoption

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    Open to either gender, Open to either gender
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