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Malcolm & Anelise

- Utah -


Hey hey hey! This is us! Malcolm, Anelise, Brielle and Rayce! We are the Judds!

Quick Facts

  • Location

  • Neighborhood Type

  • Adopted Before

  • Relationship Status

  • Pets

  • Children

    1 Girl, 1 Boy

About Malcolm

  • Ethnicity:
  • Speaks:
  • Religion:
  • Education:
    College Degree
  • Occupation:
    Self Employed

Hi I'm Malcolm My family means everything to me and providing a life that is full is my purpose. I love entrepreneurship and own 3 businesses. Two of which have been in operation successfully for over 5 years. I run a film production company and I also run a virtual area guide for tourism offices in Utah. I love getting outside and sharing the beautiful things God created for us on this earth My life mission is to be the best provider for my family both financially and I want to provide a safe environment for them to grow and have every opportunity to have a fulfilling life. I believe in God but will not push Him on anyone but will share my belief with anyone who wants to hear it. Here is a snapshot of my life. I'll be as transparent as possible. Born in Kanab Utah raised in Alton utah. Alton is a small farming community by Bryce Canyon National Park. There are 60 people who live in Alton, the nearest city is 1 hour away. I grew up on a farm with very religious parents. I am a very active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, formerly known as “Mormons." Life on the farm started early and ended late. We made work fun because we worked a lot. We built 4 homes growing up together as a family and my dad relied on us to do a lot of the work while we built right along with him. We spent the weekends hiking and riding dirt bikes with my dad near Kanab.

About Anelise

  • Ethnicity:
  • Speaks:
  • Religion:
  • Education:
    Some College
  • Occupation:
    Stay At Home Mom

80% of the time I have a mom bun hair-do. I homeschool and honestly love it! I am the oldest of 6 kids and my siblings are my greatest friends. The outdoors is my happy place. Introverted extrovert. I have two nicknames: Leester Sneester and Queen Ann (my stubborn side) I cry over sports so don't get me involved. I love water! I sometimes think I'm a mermaid because I love it so much haha Married the man I've always wanted to date, now I get to date him forever! I wear hearing aids. Hit the genetic lottery and currently have: Type 1 diabetes & Rheumatoid Can't sing on tune, but who cares! I love to sing. I love my God and Savior Jesus Christ. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My heart is in 3 pieces currently: my kids and husband have the other pieces I love Romantic Comedies, True Stories and Documentaries Favorite TV shows: The Chosen, Psych, Survivor, Gilmore Girls, Reba I am a visual learner I love morning hugs I will not eat hotdogs or corndogs, I just can't Favorite scripture: Doctrine & Covenants 90:24 My love language is: Quality Time Favorite Season: Fall/Autumn Love the smell of rain and Home Depot Favorite Color: Forest Green

Building Our Family Through Adoption

Our Letter To You

Hello from the Judds,

Thank you for taking the time to check out our profile. This is such a big decision, we hope for the best as you decide what will be the best path to take. We are the adventurous-weekend-warrior-van lifers that homeschool and road-school who love to have experiences together at home and on the road. Basically we are out for a good time wherever we are and we absolutely love learning through experiences. We are so ready to add another member of the family and provide opportunities to discover our kids interests and passions as they grow. We are seeking to have an open adoption, family is so important to us and we want to have a relationship. You’ve probably heard this from everyone but this comes from our hearts sincerely, this child will be LOVED more than I can put into words! I only hope we can show you how much.


Our Parenting Style

We are far from perfect at it for sure ha ha. I feel like each person in our family has different personalities and responds to situations differently. We strive to see everything as a teaching moment…we tell our kids all the time Judds can do hard things, they know that they have a team behind them when they feel those roadblocks, questions that may come up, big feelings, new hobbies, etc. We want our kids to be praised for their efforts, seeing a difficult task through, struggling to learn something new, setbacks are normal, be open to acting on criticism. Over all in our home we want to create a growth-mindset environment in which our family can thrive together. 

Also we as the parents are just big kids, we like to play card games a lot with the kids, hide-n-seek, family walks and bike rides, dance parties, roasting marshmallows, hiding around corners and scaring each other, and movie nights!

Adoption Preferences

  • Preferred Gender
    Open to either gender, Open to either gender
  • Preferred Age
    Newborn - 6 Months, 7 Months - 1 year of age, 1 -2 years old
  • Willing to Adopt
    One Child, Twins/Triplets, A Sibling Group
  • Preferred Adoption Type
  • Child’s Ethnicity
    White/Caucasian, Hispanic/Latino, Asian/Asian American, Pacific Islander
  • Special Needs
    Not at this time.

Our Story

Our Home

We were planning to flip our home like we have done before but ended up staying here because we fell in love with our neighbors and community! Such a family friendly community. Friends always over to each others home. Down to earth friendly people who watch out for each other! We are not sprinkling magical words to make it seem perfect but we found HOME here because of the people who surround us, we’ve hit the jackpot in landing where we are. We have a darn good community and everyone is welcome. We also have a few families in the hood who have adopted their children as well. Our house is small but perfect size for us and we have a fun backyard with lots of room to have a good time with friends and family when they are over.

Our Nursery

We’ve got a room waiting to be be used ;) I’ve saved all of our nursery furniture from our first 2 kids when they were babies and it is in storage also waiting to be set up again.

Our Pets

Malcolm and Anelise grew up with dogs and loved them so much. We have to get our Back yard finished and provide lots of shade before we get a dog due to the hot climate we live in.

We are hoping to have chickens, a dog, a rabbit and some birds in the near future. We prefer outdoor pets.

Our Family

We are crazy just as much as we are chill. We love each other/we are each others biggest fans…and…we are human.

Malcom and Anelise come from big families and big extended families, family is a big deal to us. Our kids have the best sets of grandparents, really fun aunts and uncles and cousins everywhere! It’s just like King Peppy says on Trolls “No Troll left behind!” although it can also feel like the McCallister family off of Home Alone too haha.

Family Photos

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