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Makena & Jacob

- Kansas -


We are high school sweethearts who have been best friends since our teen years. We’ve now been together for over 13 years. We enjoy wandering around different gardens and parks near our home as our little dog excitedly sniffs every flower and greets every person we pass. We love having a night in watching movies or packing the car to go on an adventure somewhere new. Our friends and family are dearly important to us, and we spend a lot of time with them doing life together.

Quick Facts

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About Makena

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    College Degree
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Makena can be found with her nose in a classic novel, making a mess while baking in our kitchen, running around exploring the world of imagination with our nieces and nephews, organizing or cleaning something around our home, or laughing and talking with her close friends.

About Jacob

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    College Degree
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Jacob can always be found adjusting our garden on nice days or tinkering around with a new project he is building, playing strategic board games with friends, or trying new food at a yummy restaurant he discovered.

Building Our Family Through Adoption

Our Letter To You

We cannot imagine the weight on your shoulders right now as you contemplate this very big decision. There are probably hundreds of questions, worries, and emotions racing through you. Even though you can’t hear our voices, we hope that you can feel our hearts pouring out to you in this profile.

We are excited for you to read more about us to get a glimpse into our lives, and we hope that something about us connects to your hopes and dreams. We thought that describing each other to you would be a good place to start:

Jacob has been my best friend since we were 15. He is incredibly smart, highly driven, and is always teaching himself something new. Since I’ve known him, he has taught himself how to cook delicious food, sew and tailor clothes, build tables, design and grow a garden, and so much more. As an architectural engineer he knows how to design buildings, and being a specialist in electrical circuits, our friends know they can call him anytime they have electric issues in their home. Jacob is reliable, responsible, consistent, caring, and always up for a challenge. I know he will be an amazing father, and parenthood will be the biggest and most rewarding challenge in his life.

Makena is a blessing. She’s goofy and enjoys a good book, often something written long before our grandparents were born. Her friends know her to be reliable, caring, and a person they can share their triumphs, defeats, and thoughts with. Many days I’ll come home to her singing along with music, which always brings joy to my heart. There’s no doubt that she will be an incredible mother, and I look forward to walking through parenthood with her.

Our Parenting Style

We both have read many parenting books and have spent a lot of time talking to friends and family who are parents, so we know the parenting approach we are working toward. We do not believe in corporal punishment. We also do not believe in parents “ruling” over their children. We feel the best way to parent is to get to know our children for the unique individuals they are, genuinely connect and empathize with our children, help our children learn how to problem solve and be brave. We believe the best discipline comes from a caring and correcting place rather than a punitive reactive place. With Makena’s career as a counselor, we have many resources available to us that are scientifically and psychologically based. As Makena often quotes “connect then redirect” which is a good summary of our approach to parenting. We want to connect to our child through love and empathy, and then we want to help correct and redirect their behavior.

Adoption Preferences

  • Preferred Gender
    Open to either gender, Open to either gender
  • Preferred Age
    Newborn - 6 Months, 7 Months - 1 year of age, 1 -2 years old
  • Willing to Adopt
    One Child, Twins/Triplets, A Sibling Group
  • Preferred Adoption Type
    Open, Semi-Open
  • Child’s Ethnicity
    Any racial/ethnic background
  • Special Needs
    Yes (on a case by case basis)

Our Story

Our Home

Imagine driving through a suburban neighborhood, when suddenly you come across a big stone house that takes you back in time. This house sits on a large corner plot and has an antique red well pump in the yard. This is our home. We found this beautiful 100 year old home with an acre of land that Jacob is diligently creating a garden in. Our neighborhood is a pretty typical suburban community that also has a mixture of people with different types of jobs, young families and older families, and diverse cultures. We are walking distance from several restaurants, a park with a pretty lake, and our city’s mainstreet area. 

This house and yard is a dream home for us, and another major selling point is that this home sits merely 10 minutes from both sets of our parents, siblings, and many extended family members and close friends. We want our children to grow up around these important people who helped shape us into the people we are today.

Our Nursery

Our nursery is set up with the baby basics: crib, changing table, rocking chair, diapers, wipes, car seat, and a few more things. However, our nursery is currently a neutral space. We want to paint the walls a cute soothing color that matches the crib sheets once we bring baby home. We want the nursery to be their room, be a space that feels like their home. So, for now, we will keep it neutral knowing it will be a cute inviting space for baby after they come home.

Our Pets

Our dog, Pixie, is a little bundle of energy, joy, love, and a whole lot of quirkiness. The day we met Pixie at the dog shelter, we had intended on just having a playdate with her and then going home to decide if we wanted to bring her into our lives permanently, but life had a different plan. About 20 minutes into our play date, the shelter worker asked us if we wanted to take Pixie home with us for a 2 week “trial run”. Immediately Jacob said “Yes!”. Makena wasn’t quite sure, but didn’t say anything. The whole car ride home Pixie was excitedly wiggling and barking throughout the car and Makena laughing to herself thought “What have we gotten ourselves into?” but knowing deep down in her gut that this dog was theirs, she wasn’t going back to the shelter.

Pixie has now been with us for over 6 years, and she has been a light in our world. She is goofy, adorable, incredibly stubborn, and just a perfect fit in our family. She is curious, sweet, and protective of every baby we’ve had her meet, and she loves kids because they pet her and give her food and attention. We know Pixie will be a great dog with any child we bring into our home.  

Our Family

We chose this photo from our wedding because this group of people are our best friends. Some of them are our siblings, cousins, and friends, but together it is a group of people we are closest to. Our family is a unique and loving bunch, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Since we basically grew up together, our families know each other very well, and we’ve become friends with each other’s siblings. We moved back to our home town to live in our dream home and be close to our families. For every holiday, we get together with Makena’s extended family to eat and spend time together. Birthdays and major holidays are important for both sides of the family, so we always have multiple celebrations to join.

Our family is already touched by adoption. Jacob has two siblings who were adopted, and Makena has a cousin who was adopted, and another cousin who adopted their child. So we know that any child we bring into our family will be loved and accepted without question or hesitation by the whole big extended family.

Custom Section

We’ve been asked by people, “What advice would you give your future child?” and after contemplating that thought provoking question, here’s how we would answer: Be yourself, because there is only one you in this whole world, and that’s something special. Be bold, be brave, try new things, go on adventures, don’t let the unknown stop you from trying something you believe in. Ask questions. True genuine kindness and empathy will always be strengths needed in this world. You have a big, quirky, messy, loving, strong support system always here for you whenever you need us. Don’t be afraid to show your heart to people who are meaningful to you. Always know how loved you are. 

This is us and our world. We hope that reading this gave you some comfort and answered some questions. We hope most of all that something about us brings you peace of mind.

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