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Building Our Family Through Adoption

Our Letter To You

Thanks for taking an interest in us! We understand that this is one of the hardest choices you’ve ever had to make and hope that our openness and honesty will help make this easier. Our lives are filled with adoptions of all kinds. Josh was adopted as were 3 of our best friends. We have seen and experienced that first and second hand. It would be our goal to provide a warm, secure, loving, and fun home to any child(ren).

It is our hope that we can match with the perfect birth family. We are willing to entertain an open or closed adoption and any level in between that works for both parties. If a birth parent wants to remain involved, we are game! After all, you’ve done to bring them here safely if you want to be around, we want you to.

More details about us. We met through mutual friends and were friends for years before dating. Once we started dating, it just kinda clicked. We dated other people but would leave that date and call to tell each other about it. It was like an instant best friend. Eventually, we moved in together with a roommate into an apartment. It was in that apartment that we adopted our first dog, Jax. We moved into a larger place and added a second roommate before moving in with Alexis’s grandma to help her after surgery. While living there we rescued our second dog, Ginny, got married, and purchased a home. We decided to breed Ginny and kept one of the puppies, to round us out with 3 dogs total.

Owning our own home have given us a chance to spread our wings further. Josh runs a business from home and it is our plan to have him be the primary carer for our family to avoid daycare. Alexis works a Monday-Friday job and has the flexibility to work from home a few times a week as well.

Adoption has always been a part of our plan due to how life changing it has been for those we care about most. Infertility issues lead to it being the only plan for us. So we have spent the last few years working hard to save money to expand our family. Now is finally the time.

In our spare time we obviously spend a lot of time with our dogs. Besides time spent with dogs, friends, and family we love to play games. Board games, card games, video games are all wonderful. We are currently playing through Lego Harry Potter. Alexis is a bit of a Potterhead (Hufflepuff) and a lot of books and knicknacks around the house are on display proving that. Additionally, we have a lot of Looney Toons, Disney, Mario, and Scooby Doo things around the home as some of the more simple pleasures come from childhood silliness. Proud nerds that are willing to share this with a new generation.

That is not to say that we are complete shut ins. Josh is an outdoorsy sort. Hiking, camping, and especially fishing are a must. Living in Utah and having the mountains nearby is fantastic for this. Josh’s family even does a yearly reunion but goes camping for a week to spend time together. Its one of our favorite summertime pastimes.

Our Parenting Style

Alexis has a background in child development and has spent a lot of her adult life working with kids. She has spent years in daycares, elementary schools, and as a nanny. She fully believes in an authoritative parenting style, sometimes called gentle parenting. The idea is to model the behavior you want for the children and they will learn through your example. While there are still boundaries in place, it teaches a child how to navigate through the world and techniques for dealing with stress. It allows them to be kids. Its also a lot less about control and a lot more about re-parenting yourself to be the example you wish you had as a kid.

This parenting style also means, that hitting or yelling or “because I said so” are not actually answers to things we may not like. Its more patient. We firmly believe that doing this, will give a child coping techniques for dealing with an adult world eventually and gives them a safe space with us. Ideally meaning that we create trust and that will encourage honesty. Kids will be kids, but we want them to be safe. It is our hope that by including talk and trust into parenting early, we provide more of that safety.

Adoption Preferences

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    Boy, Boy
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    Yes (all)

Our Story

Our Home

We live in a small home in a subdivision in an older neighborhood. When we moved in, all the homes had elderly neighbors but the environment has changed and is bringing younger couples and families now. It is a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom that has a large open basement area. It has a fully fenced yard with a beautiful grassy area and vegetable garden in the backyard that we are working on.

We have lived here since 2017 and have been slowly working on updating the interior. We’ve just removed the very old carpet throughout the home and repainted the browns and yellows to a more modern light gray color. As its a smaller home, the lighter colors really help make it feel larger.

We love where we live as we are close to work and family. Alexis’s parents and sister and all within 15 minutes of our home. Josh’s mom is out of state but visits at least once a month since his dad passed early in 2022. Both of his sisters live a little closer, the furthest being only about 30 minutes away. It gives us a lot of family time and we love goofing around with our many nieces and nephews.

Our Nursery

One of the things that drew us to our home was the cutest little bedroom. It was clearly used as a nursey by the previous owners. It has a chandelier like light in the center of the room, with a dimmer switch attached. It has built in bookcase painted white and corner windows that provide light but is never in direct sunlight. It is currently pink and green with some flowered wallpaper. Our plan is to update this to something more neutral and decorate the walls with Disney puzzles we have completed over the years.

Nesting looks a little bit different when you are adopting as you do not know what to plan for. Our idea is to keep it simple and neutral in colors and display so that any gender or nationality will fit naturally into their space. The crib we have had gifted to us is a family hand me down of a dark natural wood and while we have ideas, we do not have a fully functional nursery yet.

Our Pets

As mentioned before, we have 3 dogs.

Our oldest is Jax. We adopted him from a Petsmart adoption in 2012, from the Petsmart Josh worked at, which is also the place we first met. He is a mixed breed- Shepherd, American Staffordshire Terrier, Schnauzer mix. Jax is the sweetest dog we have ever met. He loves to cuddle more than just about anything. Children are his favorite and he guards them like no other. Being aware that he is a big dog, he will “make himself small” to play with kids and even smaller dogs. He loves popcorn and pasta best. He is very curious and this has lead to him being sprayed by a skunk more than once while trying to make new friends. Jax has been known to cheat in cards (yes we deal him in occasionally) and is the best hide and seek player.

Next we have Ginny, sometimes called “Mama”. She is our reddish blonde Shih Tzu. She has had 2 litters of puppies (6 each time, 12 total) which earned her that nickname. She was originally a family members, who fell on hard times and couldn’t care for her and we happily stepped in. She is the definition of spunky and loves treats more than anything in this world. She will even try to trick people into giving her ones by staying inside when the others go out and doing a dance to convince you of how cute she really is. If you are new to our home, don’t worry, she will show you where the treats live.

Lastly is Penny. She is a dark brown Shih Tzu with a lot of lighter highlights throughout her fur. We joke that we custom made her as we picked the stud for Ginny and found us the perfect little one. She has a habit of “talking to you” by means of grumbling and sneezing- her needs are usually pretty clear. She snores louder than even Josh. Her favorite things include looking out the window, her orange ball, and “parroting”- sitting on your shoulder and pretending she fits there.

Our Family


  • Mom- lives in Nevada with her puppy, Dallas. She retired this year after losing Josh’s dad to Covid in January 2022.
  • Sister J- lives in Utah with her 3 dogs and 5 children. The oldest being 18, the youngest being 10.
  • Sister K- lives in Utah with her husband, dog Mesa, and 2 (almost 3) boys. The oldest being 5, the youngest is due in January.


  • Mom and step dad- lives in Utah with their 2 dog; Hank and Rosie (also from Ginny’s litter) Her mom works for a local city and her step dad drives semi trucks for the local hospital.
  • Sister K- lives in Utah with her fiancé and dog; Biggie Smalls (another of Ginny’s pups) K is a figure skater and teacher, her fiance C manages a carwash.
  • Dad- lives in Utah with his dog, Eddie. He is a retired police officer and former Utah National Guard member who now teaches yoga.

Both of us come from large extended families with numerous relatives all being close by (built in babysitters if needed). We also have a lot of friends who we have been through tons with that are family more than friends. This extends our family even further and we love it. With these friends, we have seen marriages, divorces, births, deaths, organ donation, loss of job, loss of home, promotions, adoptions, grief and pride. We are blessed to share in their world and have them in ours.

Custom Section

We want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Hopefully we have been able to provide a good sense of who we are. Please reach out to us if you have any questions we didn’t answer. [email protected]

We are very open and willing to share about our lives and hope that if you feel a connection we can chat. A match would mean the absolute world to us and we want to include you in the family we build.

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