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Jessa & Keaton

- Utah -


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    1 Dog
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    1 Boy

About Jessa

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    College Degree
  • Occupation:
    Theatre Director/Choreographer

Hi, I’m Jessa (she/her)! I’m a musical theatre nerd and lover of snacks. I have two degrees and work seasonally as a theatre choreographer. Luckily, I get to spend the majority of my time as our four year old’s human canvas. It’s my favorite job of all. I love being a stay-at-home mom, and frequently choose to play trucks with the kiddo instead of doing the laundry. The kiddo learns to do the things I do, which mean we regularly garden, do yoga, bike, and take trips to the library together. I could spend an entire day in the swimming pool and be ready to do it again the next day…. And the day after that. I’m not biologically related to our son, but my love for him is absolutely limitless. I am confident I will feel the same towards an adopted child.

About Keaton

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    College Degree
  • Occupation:
    Children's Theatre Teacher/Director

Hi, I’m Keaton (she/her)! I’m 29 years old, and very much an introvert…. For a theatre person. (If you know any theatre people you know it’s a different scale to measure on). I have a BFA and use it to teach children’s theatre, which is a blast! Our kiddo is in my class this year, which makes it extra special. I earn a full-time job income on part-time hours, which means that even though I am the primary working parent I still get several hours a day at home to be a hands on parent. I feel so lucky, because I know that’s not something most families have. Baking is my therapy, and is something I learned from my grandma and mom, and now teach to my son. I love board games, especially our weekly game night with our brothers, and my morning coffee. Each spring we host butterflies, and I love to watch their transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. I can sit for hours with them. If we are chosen to adopt, I know that I will transition from a mom of one to a mom of two, and from a bio mom to an adoptive mom. Im excited and prepared for both! But I know that neither of those will be as hard of transitions as yours from expectant mom to birth mom. I promise to do my best to honor and support your transition, and to make sure your child knows how much they are loved by all of us.

Building Our Family Through Adoption

Our Letter To You

Hello! We are Keaton (glasses) and Jessa. We, like many couples hoping to adopt, turned to adoption after over a year of trying to conceive on our own. We thought it might be unexplained infertility, but when we brought it up with our doc she said it was easily explained. Apparently lesbians can’t just do it on their own like so many other couples.⁉️ Truly, we have always considered adoption for our family, and now is the right time! Keaton carried our donor conceived son who is 4. We will just refer to him as the kiddo on here, for his privacy. We really did go the donor route again, for over a year, but we hit road block after road block and it never felt like the right path this time around. We can’t fully understand the pain choosing adoption creates, but we do understand the pain of child-related things not going according to your original plan plan. We are hoping to find a new plan with a birthing family that feels like a good fit for everyone. We are eagerly waiting for your message, and are prepared to handle immediate placement. This is something we have been waiting a long time for, but promise to wait a full 7 minutes before responding as to not freak you out. ❤️

Our Parenting Style

Gentle parenting is non-negotiable for us (even when it is so hard), and we use a child-led, Montessori-style meets unschooling approach to learning and are able to nurture his interests to make learning fun! We are very strict with teaching consent, and make sure our son knows that he is the boss of his body, and safe adults will not ask him to keep secrets.

We prioritize health. Our son has regular wellness visits, dental cleanings, eye exams, etc. We exercise together every day, and make conscious efforts to learn about nutrition. We all eat the same foods, and do our best to try new foods often. We do lots of art, and play and are silly most of the time.

We spend a lot of time together as a family, and make sure the kiddo gets one on one time with each of us, regularly. We read a lot to make sure we are parenting in a way that will help our kids thrive, and we do not shy away from the hard topics.

We really struggle when people use “sperm donor” to describe a dead- beat dad. That doesn’t describe our son’s donor AT ALL. He is thoughtful, and caring, and donated such an incredible gift for our family. It’s a term that should be celebrated! He holds a very special place in our heart, even though we don’t have regular contact, and our son has never met or talked with him. Even at 4 our son knows that the people who give you your genes and your parents are sometimes the same, but sometimes not. He also knows that each person in the equation is important to who he is, and therefore important to our family.

Adoption Preferences

  • Preferred Gender
    Open to either gender, Open to either gender
  • Preferred Age
    Newborn - 6 Months, 7 Months - 1 year of age
  • Willing to Adopt
    One Child
  • Preferred Adoption Type
    Open, Semi-Open, Closed
  • Child’s Ethnicity
    White/Caucasian, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian/Asian American, Native American, Pacific Islander, Any racial/ethnic background
  • Special Needs
    Yes (on a case by case basis)

Our Story

Our Home

We have a very cozy and nurturing home in a wonderful neighborhood. We are walking distance from several playgrounds, libraries, restaurants, and our favorite local bookstore.

We have created a hygge space, with lots of board games, art supplies, and a hand painted mural in our dining room.

Our neighbors are friendly and kind. Many fly pride flags year round, and have signage posted for Black Lives Matter. Our neighborhood supports diversity, in its many forms, which is really important to us.

Our Nursery

It is important to us that our children have access to do things as independently as they want, within a safe space. We have lots of areas of our home set up for just that. The kiddo has access to a smaller coat rack, his dishes, several areas of books at his level and art supplies. We believe that an infant should spend a good amount of time in our room with us, for ultimate safety and opportunity to securely attach. So while we don’t currently have a nursery set up, we do have a space in our room all planned and ready to go for baby! Here is a picture of our son’s nursery before he was born, so you can see an example of how we set up a nursery, when it’s time.

Our Pets

We have one rescue dog, Gypsy Rose, who is named after the famous burlesque dancer and has just as much sass. She fell in love with our son the moment she laid eyes on him (her tail wouldn’t stop wagging as she gently sniffed him), and we joke that she is his third mom. She is incredibly patient and gentle, and loves nothing more than napping in the sunshine and hanging out with Keaton’s grandma.

Our Family

As a “non traditional” family our family extends beyond the nuclear family. We are close with both sides of our families, and also have a strong chosen family of close friends and their families. All of them are important to us, and we regularly invest in each other. We all definitely have each other’s back. As an LGBTQ+ family, we are used to non-traditional families and know that you will become part of ours, as much or as little as feels comfortable, if we are lucky enough to match.

Custom Section

Hi, I’m “The Kiddo”! I’m 4, and in the spirit of “clear is kind” this is not really me typing. I’m bright, but believe it or not, I can’t yet type up my own bio.

Things that actually matter: I will talk to you about trucks all day long. They are pretty much the best thing in the entire world. Besides bike rides. Oh wait! Or tomatoes. I like to eat those right from my garden. I know not to eat them when they are green, but sometimes I can’t resist a small lick anyway.

I am very excited to adopt a baby. I let my moms know everyday how ready I am, draw pictures for the baby, and have already picked out my outfit for the day I get to meet them. When we go to the library I love to take care of the baby doll, and have my moms teach me how to hold and care for them. I will be a great big brother (true story).

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