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David & Nicole

- Maryland -


Hi, there! We're David and Nicole and we live in Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC. We're thankful for the opportunity to share a bit about our family and lives together. We view adoption as a blessing and are looking forward to how it will change our lives. We absolutely love being parents and can't wait for our family to grow.

Quick Facts

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    2 Cats
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    1 Boy

About David

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    College Degree
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    Founder and Chief Technology Officer

David always looks on the bright side, and this is especially true when it comes to being a parent. He loves everything about it - from dirty diapers to playtime and everything in between! He does such a good job of viewing the world through the eyes of a child, and is always thinking of ways to bring new experiences to life. His gentle heart and integrity is apparent in the way he lives his life and looks after others.

About Nicole

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    College Degree
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    User experience researcher

Growing up, Nicole was known by her friends as the "mom" of the group because she always anticipated the needs of others and was the first person to turn to when you needed advice. So it didn't come as much of a surprise that motherhood came so naturally to her! She is always up for anything and loves seeing what sparks a child's imagination. She is playful, nurturing, and balances everything on her plate with grace. Speaking of plates...she is an amazing cook and loves sharing that passion with others!

Building Our Family Through Adoption

Our Letter To You

Dear expectant mother,

Thank you so much for taking the time to consider us as part of your journey. We may not know your name, but we know how much you love your child.

If we could only tell you one thing, it would be that if chosen to be a family to your child, there is absolutely nothing we wouldn’t do for them. They will be deeply loved, kept safe, and given every opportunity in life. We truly cherish being parents and can’t wait to experience the joy that comes with growing our family.

Our dream of growing our family wouldn’t be possible without you, and we promise that your child will always know how strong and incredibly brave you are. We would love for him or her to have a relationship with you so that they can come to know your story and how it fits into their own. Whatever you decide, our hearts and our family will always be open to you.

We know God has a plan for our family, and that we will look back someday and be in awe of the way it has unfolded. We are praying for you to experience that same peace. We can’t pretend to know what you are going through, but by choosing to give your baby life, we do know one thing: you are part of a miracle. Your selfless choice will change a family’s life! We would be humbled for it to be ours.

With gratitude,
David and Nicole

Our Parenting Style

We approach parenting as a team and are thankful to always be aligned on that front. When it comes to raising a newborn, there’s no such thing to us as “letting the baby cry it out” – every cry, day or night, deserves to be answered. Honestly, we love those moments! We will continue to provide a nurturing, safe environment for your child as they grow. We believe that all children are unique and will always work to understand how we can best parent each child in our home. As parents, we look forward to fostering our children’s interests and will give them every opportunity possible to explore the world and receive an education.

We also look to our faith community to provide support for us as parents. Your child will be raised to trust God’s plan, cherish life, and navigate challenges with grace.

Adoption Preferences

  • Preferred Gender
    Open to either gender, Open to either gender
  • Preferred Age
    Newborn - 6 Months, Any age range
  • Willing to Adopt
    One Child, Twins/Triplets, A Sibling Group
  • Preferred Adoption Type
    Open, Semi-Open, Closed
  • Child’s Ethnicity
    White/Caucasian, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian/Asian American, Native American, Pacific Islander, Any racial/ethnic background, Other
  • Special Needs
    Not at this time.

Our Story

Our Home

Our home has 4 bedrooms, a beautiful sunroom, and a cozy basement. Between these spaces and the kitchen is where we spend most of our time. We also have a flat, open backyard bordered by gardens. It’s perfect for playtime!

Our neighborhood is incredibly safe and welcoming. Families are always taking walks and playing outside, and everyone greets each other with hello! and a smile. We especially love how close we are to parks, tennis courts, and nature trails – we can access all of these easily just by heading out the front door!

One of the best parts of our community is that we’re walking distance to our church, and there’s another church on our street that does story time once a month. We love being able to hear God’s word as a family, sing, and engage with others in the community. We really look forward to sharing this with our next child, too.

Our Nursery

Like James’s nursery, creating our next nursery will be an act of love and a reflection of childhood wonder. We look forward to playing with colors, patterns, textures, and light to create a space that is engaging from an early age and can continue to grow with your child. To us, one of the most important things is to include personal touches that reflect our family’s love. We have a friend who plans to paint a custom painting for our next nursery, family heirlooms to be passed down, and items already set aside that remind us of the special joys of childhood.

Our Pets

We have two cats: Grey and Squash. Both are incredibly friendly and gentle… in fact, we’ve been told many times that they have made people change their minds about disliking cats!

Grey was our first and he is a very loyal lap cat. He also enjoys supervising bath time and making sure his “little brother James” doesn’t get too wet :)

Squash loves to play…fetch is his favorite game and you can often finding him “asking” you to play by bringing you a toy. They both have such fun personalities and are a special part of our family life.

Our Family

We are blessed with an incredibly devoted family. We also consider our closest friends part of our family and are thankful to have many nearby. Everyone is as excited as we are for our family to grow!

Nicole is an only child, and her parents moved here about two years ago; they actually live in our neighborhood! Her mom takes care of James during the day and we have family dinner at least once a week. We spend a lot of time together on the weekends too.

David is the youngest of three brothers. He has five nieces and nephews, and we love spending time together! We know that as our family grows, we will enjoy fostering those cousin relationships. His parents live in Florida and have been an incredible source of faith and support for us. We make sure to visit them (and stop by Disney World) whenever we can!

We love traveling with friends and family, and have been everywhere from Maine to LA to Costa Rica just in the past year. We feel so fortunate to be able to create so many memories in places near and far with the ones we love!

Custom Section

What led us to adoption? We always knew we would want to incorporate adoption into how we build our family. After learning of our son’s special needs, it felt clear that this was the right path for us, and we are so thankful to have that clarity! Nothing gives us greater joy than being parents, and we know that James will be a loving older brother who lets his younger sibling take center stage. We have so much love and support surrounding us and can’t wait to share all of this with our next child. We see adoption as an incredible blessing and are so excited for this to be part of our family story.

Why this is our greatest strength… We will stop at nothing to make sure each child in our home is able to reach their full potential. Rather than seeing challenges as roadblocks, we get creative and find ways to break through them. Most of all, we know how important it is to advocate for a child, and we will always be their biggest cheerleaders – this is something our children will never outgrow.

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