Adoption For My Child is not a licensed adoption/placing agency. Adoption For My Child is an adoption profile hosting/referral site for expectant/birth mothers to connect with qualified families that meet the criteria they are looking for in a family. Expectant/Birth mothers should have every opportunity to find the right family that they can connect with and develop a relationship. Expectant /Birth mothers should not be limited to settle with a family that they are not sure about. Our clients get access to our network of adoption entities that we have relationships with throughout the United States.  Adoption For My Child is an expectant parent(s) referral site, which allows them to connect directly with adoptive families. Expectant/Birth Mothers are referred to our site through a variety of resources.  Adoption For My Child networks with adoption entities though out the United States.  Instant Profile Delivery system allows adoptive families to submit their profile to adoption professionals and expectant or birth mother instantly to view for consideration.  Adoption agencies, attorneys and other adoption entities will request profiles from our network for an expectant mother to review.