Adoption related costs would depend on what all is involved with the specific situation and the resources the expectant mother needs.  Once you are connected with an expectant or birth mother, you will need to contact your attorney or agency (attorney is much more affordable) and have them work with the expectant mother to obtain medical records and handle all expenses. The costs always depends on the attorney you hire (family law, most times is more affordable than a AAAA attorney and they do the same thing) and birth mother expenses need to be covered.  Every state has different laws and limits on birth mother expenses. It is an adoptive family’s choice on which professionals they choose to work with, however, we take out the need for a middle man so families don’t have to put all their eggs in one basket. By using Adoption For My Child to showcase your profile your family is made visible to thousands of expectant mothers considering adoption. When an expectant mother chooses adoption for her option, you are able to instantly submit for situations where the criteria fit, allowing your family to be considered immediately. Once an expectant mother chooses your family the legal paperwork can then be completed in all 50 states for less than $1,500. This is what other professionals won’t tell you. You don’t HAVE to use them at all. We make the connection with the expectant mother possible and save your family in the long run.