These are some of the important questions to discuss when choosing private adoption entities.

  • Does the agency have a full (not merely provisional) license in good standing?
  • Is the agency accredited by an appropriate accrediting body such as the Council on Accreditation for Child and Family Services (
  • Is the agency able to provide the needed service to the client(s) in a timely way?
  • Does the agency have experience in providing the needed service(s)?
  • What is known about the quality of services that the agency provides?
  • Does the agency provide services that are responsive to the needs of diverse cultures and communities?
  • How do agencies that have worked with the provider rate the services that it provides?
  • Does the agency understand the requirements of the ICPC? Is it able to work effectively with the State’s ICPC office?

Please remember it is NOT REQUIRED to work with an agency and choosing to explore all available options could save you tens of thousands of dollars. Contact us today for more information. [email protected]