We at AFMC come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences as employees and we understand on a deep personal level how adoption can be both an extremely rewarding yet incredibly challenging experience. We strive to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. AFMC networks with numerous adoption entities (attorneys, agencies and other professionals) throughout the United States. Adoption entities will send out an expectant mothers’ profile and instructions for AFMC to present to our clients.  We send the information to our clients and list the information on our available situations page.  If any clients want to present their family profiles to be considered they could send their request through the request form on the available situations page. This allows the adoption entity or expectant parent(s) to automatically download the profile themselves for review. If our client should be selected by the expectant parent(s) and accept the “match,” then they (client – adoptive family) work directly with that adoption entity to complete the adoption.