Many expectant mothers choose private newborn over abortion as they choose to respect the life inside their womb but find they aren’t in a position to parent at this time in their life or their situation forces them to explore their options. Women who choose adoption for their child might begin by looking online for services. Many online portals are available where hopeful adoptive families will showcase their family profile in hopes that an expectant mother will reach out with interest. Expectant mothers considering adoption can create a profile free through Adoption For My Child and browse through families working with AFMC. You will be able to see information about the family, their story and information they choose to share, photographs, their wishes regarding adoption, and some have even written letters to the future expectant mother who chooses them.


  We suggest expectant mothers narrow down their search to the top three families that interest them and interview each family. An AFMC worker will facilitate the phone call as we know how awkward and scared both expectant mothers and hopeful adoptive parents can be for the initial contact to happen. If the call goes well and both parties seem to make a connection, we suggest the expectant mother take her time to consider the family and the content of their conversation before proceeding with a match. If the connection is made and the expectant mother decides to move forward with this family for adoption, she will begin creating an adoption plan that fits her needs. She will then share it with the hopeful adoptive parents in order to ensure both parties are on the same page with their wishes.


  Being open, honest and forthcoming with information, ideas and expectations in your adoption plan is crucial because open adoption means something different to everyone. Open adoption is whatever the expectant mother wants in her adoption plan, although it is very different from co-parenting. Adoption plans should be very detailed in the expectant mothers’ expectations so there is no confusion later. All of the expectant mothers wishes and expectations need to be not only expressed but also need to be documented.