Many women who find themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy find themselves panicked at the thought of taking care of a child they weren’t prepared for. This could be due to financial instability, family issues or some other personal problems. The expectant mother may be young, or the child may be a product of rape. Sometimes the child may have special needs that the expectant mother does not feel equipped to handle. In these situations, private newborn adoption could the most healthy and positive solution she will have.


Adoption means saving a life. Upon conception, your baby is now a living organism in your womb. Abortion stops a beating heart and many women report feeling regret and anguish over their decision for even decades after. With private newborn adoption you can have peace that your child is being safely parented and loved in an approved home hand-picked by you, should you choose adoption. Not only are you choosing to give the gift of life but are also creating the gift of a family for a couple or individual that without adoption would not be able to create one themselves.


While many expectant mothers choose not to have an abortion performed, they still worry they will not be able to see their baby again or know what their new life is like. This is untrue with open adoptions. With an open adoption, you are able to select a family who matches your criteria and who will agree to your specific adoption plan. For more information on open adoption see here.