The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children [ICPC] is a law that establishes procedures to assure that children and youth are being placed with families that are safe, suitable, and able to provide care and that States understand their responsibilities in pre-adoptive and other ICPC regulated placements. Under a compact, the jurisdictional, administrative, and human rights obligations of all parties involved in an interstate placement can be protected.

The following checklist is meant to serve as an overview and generalized description of how ICPC might operate for children and youth being placed across State lines with recruited, general applicant families for the purpose of adoption. Not all steps in the checklist will apply to all situations in every State. Consult with your State ICPC Compact Administrator ) if in doubt.

These are the basic steps for the caseworker in a SENDING STATE (SS) to complete the interstate placement process for a child or youth being sent to another State, known as the RECEIVING STATE (RS):

Information on prospective family in the other State:  Talk with the RS caseworker, if assigned and known, or RS supervisor, if known but case not yet assigned, to verbally share child information and discuss any known issues regarding placement of child(ren) with prospective family.

…Contact and determine the interest and commitment of the prospective family.

…Inform family and RS caseworker that a family/home study will be requested using ICPC packet information below (or request copy of a current family/home study, if available).

…Begin discussing with the RS caseworker and prospective family: financial and medical issues including foster care payments, Adoption Assistance payments, medical assistance (coverage), and education
(enrollment, tuition, special needs, etc.)

…Prepare and send ICPC packet to your ICPC Compact Administrator in the Sending State formally requesting a family/home study OR placement of this child or youth in the Receiving State. Please be aware that State requirements may vary. You will need to communicate with the RS caseworker to ensure that the required documents for each State are included as part of the ICPC packet. ICPC Form 100A is required for each child being placed – Prepare ICPC Form 100A to request an interstate placement. Fill out the ICPC Form 100A in its entirety including all required signatures.

…Assemble required documentation:
…Signed Court Order (identifying who has custody in the SS, i.e., local/State agency, private agency, court.)
Proof of IV-E eligibility (if applicable)
…Financial/medical plan or form (i.e., is the child IV-E eligible or not). If your State does not have this type of form, discuss the financial and medical plan in the cover letter.
…Educational needs (Special Education, IEP, if appropriate)
…A copy of the termination of parental rights order (if applicable)
…Copy of family’s current family/home study (if available) or license (if available)
…Current social, psychological and medical summary of each child