1. OPEN ADOPTION: Open adoption refers to the level of open communication between the hopeful adoptive parents and the expectant mother. The level of openness varies by situation and the parties’ level of comfort with each other. Contact may be direct or indirect, frequent or limited.
  2. SEMI-OPEN ADOPTION: Semi-open is when the expectant mother choses the hopeful adoptive parents from their profile  The expectant mother knows general information regarding the adoptive family  however, no personal information is exchanged. Often letters and photographs of the growing child are exchanged through the attorney  agency, or facilitator handling the adoption. 
  3. CLOSED ADOPTION: A closed confidential adoption is where all personal information including names remains confidential from both parties except for the attorney. Parties do not ever meet in person. 


Open adoption  

The term “open adoption” looks very different to different people with various backgrounds, opinions, and experiences. Some families choose to do letters, photos, audio and video calls, photo books and/or visits. Each and every open adoption is truly unique in its own way as each family creates in their plan the various levels of openness. The birth mother is essentially instilling trust in strangers that the adoptive family will uphold their word and continue the same level of openness that they have agreed upon. There are many ways to have an open adoption that could potentially include letters, photos, and/or communication with grandparents or biological family members as well.

Closed Adoption

Nowadays, closed adoptions are rather nonexistent. When a closed adoption occurs or the expectant parents do not want the adoptive family to have any identifying information about them, the adoptee then has no record or knowledge to begin their search for their birth parents as an adult.

Different Types Open Adoption

“I wanted to choose a closed adoption, but my family wanted to still receive updates about the baby as he grew up in hi new family. So, I put together a plan to make sure that the family I was choosing for my child would consider sending the child’s grandparents updates, videos, pictures and letters throughout the year.  When I made this clear t the families I was considering, I was surprised to see how willing they were to allow this possibility. So I created an adoption plan for my child that will allow my family to still have contact and a connection with their grandchild even though I’m choosing to further me and my career. Even though my child’s new family can offer him a life that I could not provide, my family still gets to be a part of that in someway.”

Options for Open Adoption

“I have an open adoption with the family who adopted my child. Every month I receive emails with pictures and a brief overview on how the month went and how my child is doing in general. I enjoy seeing these as well as seeing the changes in my child’s growth. It gives me peace to not only know, but in some small way experience life right alongside my child when I see what this family can offer that I couldn’t at that time in my life. I am very happy with this decision and our child is thriving!”

“I have an open relationship with the family that adopted my child. I see my child twice a year in person and video chat with the family and the child periodically. I receive pictures and letters from the adoptive parents and I too can send pictures and letters and birthday cards for my child. I know they are being raised with the opportunities I wanted them to have in life with a family who makes them happy and helps them grow.”