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This information is sent to Roxanne – Birth Mom Support Service and Outreach Director who will complete the intake and assessment with you, provide education, guidance and support to on a regular basis throughout your pregnancy.  


The Birth Mom Outreach Director will help to coordinate contact between birth parent and adoptive family throughout and after pregnancy and other tasks as assigned. The Birth Mom Outreach Director is a third-party provider that partners with AFMC to provide unmatched support to birth moms considering adoption as a choice. 

  • AFMC does not verify pregnancy of Expectant Mother that visit our site. If an expectant mother contacts us, her information is received by a third party qualified to provide her guidance and support. ALL “vetting” verification of pregnancy are completed by a third party. We network with qualified professionals that we refer expectant mothers to when visiting AFMC site to verify pregnancy and provide case management when needed. AFMC does not employee or contract the professionals we refer expectant mother too. If an expectant mother decides adoption is the right option. Our families will be notified of the available situation. Families will be responsible for covering any fees from the service provider working with the expectant mother.