Quality profiles that stand out amongst hundreds of other faces will have three things in common: sentimental candid photographs, clear and direct information based on the things expectant mothers really want to know, and your family’s own unique personality and style. Adoption For My Child now offers PDF profile and Profile Video Services based on feedback we have received from expectant mother’s based on what they are looking for when reviewing submissions. Let us help your family get noticed!

Photographs that are not staged or posed work best. Expectant mothers want to see who your family truly is behind the camera, not just some social media version that she can research for herself. Expectant mothers want to see raw, real and unedited. Mostly though, they want to see empathy, compassion and understanding. Please remember this when adding your letter to the expectant mother. If you would like help on where to begin in creating this letter, please let us know and we would be more than happy to help. Videos work extremely well to bring your family to life and set you apart. Most expectant mothers prefer videos and express feeling like they truly get to know the family more in depth. If you would like to take advantage of our PDF or video profile services, please email [email protected]