The number of people who become pregnant unplanned is staggering, and shows the need for maternity homes and programs who focus on keeping a mother and her baby together while enabling her to learn the necessary parenting skills in order to raise her child by herself. Although adoption is not the goal of all these places, some do offer the option for adoption. Still, these programs do offer the sought-after resources, support, instruction and encouragement that expectant mothers need. Many organizations can continue to provide services for the needed few years. Some programs target young or teen mothers while other programs are specifically for homeless mothers or mothers whose housing needs will change due to her pregnancy.


Birth mothers will also benefit from exploring all state level social services and county assistance offers. Many expectant mothers can be approved for medical services strictly based upon her pregnancy and lack of insurance. Be sure to check guidelines for each state’s acceptance specifications. Mandy states and counties have volunteer programs or non-profit organizations that help pregnant women. These pregnancy care type centers often provide a wealth of knowledge to additional local resources for programs that may not be as advertised though they are equally as beneficial. If you find yourself pregnant and needing housing resources, please do not hesitate to contact us at AFMC. We are always here to help your physical, mental and emotional needs.